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  • Published: 13 June 2019
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  • ᴀʀᴀʟɪᴀɴ ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ


    great excuses.

    • Jimena Estrada
      Jimena Estrada  10 hours back

      I hate you alot because I bought it and it had metal in it are you trying to kill us

        MS DRAGONFIRE  10 hours back

        So what's going to be done for the women who have been hospitalized from getting small peices of metal stuck in their lips from the lipstick and having allergic reactions?

        • D Cher
          D Cher  21 hours back

          I just can’t even listen.

          • Mina Truong
            Mina Truong  1 days back

            U guys need to stop hating, have u guys ever experienced creating ur own brand. And producing lipsticks? And for hundreds, thousands? She explain and have proof what else do u guys want! I’m so done with people just wanting to hate.

            • 츄츄잉
              츄츄잉  1 days back


              • Υάτε Kαςτιγιανόζ

                I feel like she just looked up the words “lipstick factory” and “fuzzy lipstick”.

                • Jose Straubgameingchannel

                  Is anyone actually believing the “white glove” excuses 😷

                  • Ellie Mattingley
                    Ellie Mattingley  2 days back

                    Who else hasn’t actually purchased this but wants to see if tea channels are right 😂

                    • Sweet DreamzMSP
                      Sweet DreamzMSP  2 days back


                      • magic time
                        magic time  2 days back

                        i had to check whether this video was on 1.75 or not..

                        • Ashley Matsumoto
                          Ashley Matsumoto  3 days back

                          Big deal......she launched new products that needed some more work. She is willing to give us our money back plus a new lipstick for free! Lets stop attacking her y'all!!! If you make a mistake, you acknowledge the mistake, fix the mistake and rectify the mistake.....DONE, DONE & DONE!!!!! Nobody is perfect, what should we do.....kill her, hate her or persecute her because of wrongs that she is 100% willing to make right???? Come on ladies......lets be a little more understanding and show our girl some support while she fixes all these problems. Im sure she is a wreck and completly embarressed!!!!

                          • Precious M
                            Precious M  3 days back

                            Change to 1 level up slo mo i cant process

                            • StrawberryHair
                              StrawberryHair  3 days back

                              Honestly Jaq you need to re watch what you say to us becaaaaause you say one thing about your "lab" and then say a whole other thing in 2 other videos amongst other YOU posted a pic of your "lab" and guess what...? They are wearing plastic blue gloves...not white fluffy gloves, anyone with common sense, and an owner of a lab, would NEVER have employees wear those fluffy gloves obviously they carry dander moron.u made these fluffy gloves up and the paper trying to cover your ass with 'Its someones else problem" your the owner of the brand...maybe it's not your calling after all...a responsible owner would of recalled them ASAP

                              • K M
                                K M  3 days back

                                She is a gross pig

                                • Julieann Blanco
                                  Julieann Blanco  4 days back

                                  If you mass produced then why is it priced too high as compared to W&W products. Why are they cleaning while producing

                                  • Joleen Waves
                                    Joleen Waves  4 days back


                                    • Joleen Waves
                                      Joleen Waves  4 days back


                                      • Hasnaa Namooya
                                        Hasnaa Namooya  4 days back

                                        My lipstick... my brandm... my lipstick. LOL. i thought its a team work. What a frustrated moron

                                        • Amal Beairk
                                          Amal Beairk  4 days back


                                          • Fleagii
                                            Fleagii  4 days back

                                            If you guys are subscribe to this thing, why? Really, why? She sells moldy and expired products to YOU her FANS and you stay subbed? Please, find another person who does makeup. YouTube only has a million people slapping this stuff on there face anyways.

                                            • Queen Daisa
                                              Queen Daisa  4 days back

                                              Quit talking so fast

                                              • Valerie Familia
                                                Valerie Familia  4 days back

                                                this sounds scripted af. like she had a manager or lawyer write this for her. you are not a victim Jaclyn.

                                                • 78Crunchyforever
                                                  78Crunchyforever  5 days back

                                                  I didnt even buy the lipstick and i still want a refund.

                                                  • 78Crunchyforever
                                                    78Crunchyforever  5 days back

                                                    Jackyn: ive been working on this for 5 years

                                                    Also jaclyn: we moved too quickly

                                                    • 78Crunchyforever
                                                      78Crunchyforever  5 days back

                                                      I live how nobody is watching the video and all of the comments are the funniest "hate" comments ever😂

                                                      • 78Crunchyforever
                                                        78Crunchyforever  5 days back


                                                        Me: _shut the fuck up_

                                                        • Ashley R
                                                          Ashley R  5 days back

                                                          Every new product it’s something else. Every. Damn. Time. I waited a few days after the drop for the tweets and YouTube reviews. I was just sitting here waiting for what it’d be this time. It’s scheduled programming. Free entertainment.

                                                          • Ashley R
                                                            Ashley R  5 days back

                                                            Jaclyn I’ll sell everything I own and move to the North Pole if you can produce and distribute just ONE professional, good quality product. That is a product without hair, metal shards, mold, air holes, etc.

                                                            • Ashley R
                                                              Ashley R  5 days back

                                                              Ok so let’s see if I got this straight. Before I can make sure I can use my lipsticks properly I need to let it “cool down”, pick off any white “fuzzies” or black hairs, ignore the oxygen holes, disregard the gritty texture, and be on the lookout for any metal shards. Yeah that’s just a little too much for me babe. We’d be better off just going to the store and getting 3$ lipsticks from Wet n Wild, NYX, or Milani.

                                                              • Ashley R
                                                                Ashley R  5 days back

                                                                I think from now on you should stick to seeing if you can just make one small super simple product without any error and then move up from there. After all this time and all these fuck ups like something just isn’t working babe.

                                                                • Ashley R
                                                                  Ashley R  5 days back

                                                                  Yeah. Everyone remember you can watch this video while swatching 2$ Wet n Wild, L.A. Colors, BH Cosmetics, NYX, Colourpop, and E.L.F lipsticks with no hair, white black or otherwise, “oxygen” black holes, mold, bumps, sweat marks, or .... METAL SHARDS?!?! (Can’t even believe that’s one of the pros for the more professional, high quality brands). Like. It’s not hard to make a lipstick without a metal shard in it. Hahahahahaha WHAT?!? We thought the brush scandal was bad. Is Jaclyn Hill capable of making anything without issues?!

                                                                  • Noëmie Pageaux
                                                                    Noëmie Pageaux  5 days back


                                                                    • Flora Lutfi
                                                                      Flora Lutfi  5 days back

                                                                      Holy shit so many excuses ....

                                                                      • Frankie Diamond
                                                                        Frankie Diamond  6 days back

                                                                        More dislikes

                                                                        • Lydia Gibson
                                                                          Lydia Gibson  6 days back

                                                                          No one: JH: *very concerned abt our lipsticks* I do HaVe AnOthEr LauNch ComInG UP

                                                                          • 78Crunchyforever
                                                                            78Crunchyforever  6 days back

                                                                            * Ahem * "why the fuck you lyin'?"

                                                                            • 78Crunchyforever
                                                                              78Crunchyforever  6 days back

                                                                              Girl you naaaaaasty

                                                                              • Jacklyn Cervantes
                                                                                Jacklyn Cervantes  6 days back

                                                                                if you put fast melody background music, she is really like rapping..🤣😂

                                                                                • SolucoGuy
                                                                                  SolucoGuy  6 days back

                                                                                  Congrats for your brand.
                                                                                  Do you dye your hard dark? Your eyebrows are more on the blonde, brown or red hair side. Would be great to see your natural hair color some time

                                                                                  • Nakoa Short
                                                                                    Nakoa Short  6 days back

                                                                                    Ok, all you hater out there need to back off! She is telling you everything you need to know about a serious situation that she is going to resolve. And I am %100 sure she is not making excuse for herself. We all make mistakes in life and we all have to grow up and live with the fact that she is a GOD DAMN HUMAN BEING WHO MAKES MISTAKES!!!! we all do it and I'm pretty sure that all businesses have their times were they are struggling and honestly that goes for all of us in our lives. So maybe we should all be respectful and decent human beings. And actually listen to what she has to say. And by the way I will happily buy all her lipsticks from her and every other product after that. And to be honest you all need to calm down, your being too loud just stopping being hipocrites and leave her along.

                                                                                  • Miss GIJoe
                                                                                    Miss GIJoe  7 days back

                                                                                    I’m just here to show my mom prime example of hyaluronic moonface.

                                                                                    • MesuBully RazorsEdge
                                                                                      MesuBully RazorsEdge  7 days back

                                                                                      Wow, how pathetic are people? Girl do you and keep making it right. These people down below and after are ignorant and miserable people. You shouldn’t care who you lose because your real fans, your real friends, real people who don’t have their heads up their ass will understand. Even if you give them what they ask for, they’ll still complain. These are sad, miserable bullies who can only feel better from bashing others. There’s something wrong with them, not you. It reflects more about them in every way. Mistakes happen. Whether it’s once, twice, three times, it happens. It’s life. As long as you’re taking responsibility, correcting it and making it right, that’s what matters. These peoples act like they’re shit don’t stink but they’re people, they make mistakes and have made many. Pay these horrible people no mind. You’re doing what needs to be done and handling your business. Those you lose were never there to begin with. Do you girl, you’re still making money and living the best life. You’re richer than all these haters and not just because you make money. You’re open, genuine, happy, selfless, etc., that makes you rich. These people will never know what that feels like. Let them be miserable with their comments.

                                                                                      • Samiha Islam
                                                                                        Samiha Islam  7 days back

                                                                                        I legit didn't hear a single word Jaclyn said but heard every single word the people in the comment section had to say! TEA! TEA!

                                                                                        • JessicaNomNomz
                                                                                          JessicaNomNomz  1 weeks back

                                                                                          so did everyone get their refunds yet? lol

                                                                                          • High Image
                                                                                            High Image  1 weeks back

                                                                                            All I hear is
                                                                                            And her blah blah
                                                                                            Nobody wants you

                                                                                            • -Mars -
                                                                                              -Mars -  1 weeks back

                                                                                              White cotton fibers? I saw videos of people pulling 5 inch hairs out of the lipstick

                                                                                              • Moon Byul
                                                                                                Moon Byul  1 weeks back

                                                                                                Just apologise and refund those customers, stop with the useless excuses