Kara Eaker - Balance Beam - 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships - Senior Women Day 2

  • Published: 12 August 2019
  • Score: 14.900 (6.6, 8.300)
    August 11, 2019 - Sprint Center - Kansas City, Mo.

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Comments • 46

  • Jonathan Mari Manga
    Jonathan Mari Manga  1 weeks back

    Ever since her Junior Elite debut, I've always been mesmerized by her EFFORTLESS balance of elegance and difficulty. Those ring leaps will always be her Achilles' Heel BUT DAMN, THOSE ARE NOT EASY TO DO ON A 4inch-WIDE-plank of wood!!

    #KaraEakerForever #Tokyo2020BalanceBeamMedalist

    • Tristin V
      Tristin V  3 weeks back

      Lol it's actually so annoying to see everyone talk about her leaps when her scores never reflect what any of you are saying! Wow. She's taking advantage of the code and has scored high multiple times so why is everyone STILL going?

      • J Vega
        J Vega  4 weeks back

        I knew day 1 was a fluke for her. Kara brings something special to the beam.

        • Meg Beth
          Meg Beth  4 weeks back

          love her Leo and the rountine

          • Diane Francis
            Diane Francis  1 months back

            Simone rocked beam night 1!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️👍❤️❤️❤️

            • rene ruiz
              rene ruiz  1 months back

              Sorry, but those ring jumps should all be downgraded

              • JoJo 70
                JoJo 70  1 months back

                6.6 SV! Hell yeah Kara!

                • bezerra r
                  bezerra r  1 months back

                  her ring leaps hurt my eyes (the rest of her routine is incredible)

                  • Janey Powell
                    Janey Powell  2 weeks back

                    U.S. judges are not doing her a favor by crediting them. If she makes it to Tokyo she's going to have the same shock on beam that Jordyn had when she sees the D score they award her.

                • Thang Vuong
                  Thang Vuong  1 months back

                  Big ticket elements done really well, but the leaps are an eyesore.

                  • o j
                    o j  1 months back

                    Thang Vuong only the rings, her other leaps are really nice

                • Lana Nguyen
                  Lana Nguyen  1 months back

                  Beam queen

                  • Appaddict01
                    Appaddict01  1 months back

                    Ugh...If she would have hit night one. She would have won the beam title.

                    • Noah Byrd
                      Noah Byrd  1 months back

                      Yup. But she still got second with a fall lol

                  • Jina Gibson
                    Jina Gibson  1 months back

                    The only reason I miss t.v.!

                    • Noah Byrd
                      Noah Byrd  1 months back

                      Great routine from Kara! Fighting through the fatigue and nearly month of competition-training. And even though she fell and had a huge wobble on Day 1, she STILL left with BB silver from Championships. THAT’S how good she is.
                      Hope she rests up and comes back strong for selection camp!

                      • Jay Petrova
                        Jay Petrova  1 months back

                        Her switch ring at 1:00 was great. The opening ring position was great also.

                        • Hila Zamir
                          Hila Zamir  1 months back

                          @Daniel what would her score have been with the ring jump downgraded?

                        • Daniel
                          Daniel  1 months back

                          The opening ring leap wasn't even close to a full split, and the switch ring leap was not "great," it was passable. The ring jump, however, should have been downgraded.

                      • Marc Myron
                        Marc Myron  1 months back

                        I thought she fell again since NBC didn’t show this. Instead they showed Andrea using an app to measure speed that didn’t even actually prove anything than showing the other routines 🙄😂

                        • mjamitche5
                          mjamitche5  1 months back

                          Andrea really needs to leave it to the Mythbusters.

                        • mjamitche5
                          mjamitche5  1 months back

                          It proved that speed theory is stupid. Basically, anyone who can run 16-18 miles per hour can't use running speed as an excuse not to do the hardest possible vault.

                      • Stephanie McPherson
                        Stephanie McPherson  1 months back

                        I❤️watching this young lady! But...I never see her smile🤔

                        • o j
                          o j  1 months back

                          Take in count she has been competing and training for like a month prior to this meet

                        • mjamitche5
                          mjamitche5  1 months back

                          "Smiling doesn't win gold medals." All fun aside, she smiles a lot whenever she's with her friends. She's very focused when doing her routines. I was at both nights of this competition. She laughs with the other girls on the sidelines, especially after the competition is over.

                      • Helen Li
                        Helen Li  1 months back

                        She's definitely also an all-around gal, but should she attempt to go to Tokyo as a beam specialist like vault for Jade Carey?

                        • Tracy Strong
                          Tracy Strong  1 months back

                          It's too late. If you're part of the World Championship team that qualifies your country for the Olympics, you're not eligible to qualify as a specialist going through the world cups. That's why Jade Carey sat out the World Championships in Doha.

                        • Noah Byrd
                          Noah Byrd  1 months back

                          Helen Li
                          I mean, if it happens, it happens! I think she’ll continue training AA till team selection (and hopefully make the team), but if not, then she’d probably be selected as an individual. But I feel like she could still try the AA in that case (just probably wouldn’t make it save for a big upset). She’d mainly be going for BB!

                      • NCAA Gymnastics Sticks
                        NCAA Gymnastics Sticks  1 months back

                        Kara really needs to get that back leg up for those ring leaps! Other than that she’s pretty much set!

                        • Daniel
                          Daniel  1 months back

                          She still needs to become more consistent. Falling on your only useful apparatus at every competition is unacceptable.

                        • joyfuljaj
                          joyfuljaj  1 months back

                          Pointing her back toe would go a long way to help them look better.

                      • Robert Ferguson
                        Robert Ferguson  1 months back

                        Connected mount is life!

                        • Jill Deutsch
                          Jill Deutsch  1 months back

                          Unbelievably fantastic! 🌹💜

                          • Sally Vee
                            Sally Vee  1 months back

                            Wow. Those judges were _strict._

                            • Aliyah Carter
                              Aliyah Carter  1 months back

                              she has a clean look but Jesus those ring leaps are awful

                              • Javasio Mc Shine
                                Javasio Mc Shine  1 months back

                                Cant Believe NBC didnt show this, I’m starting to hate NBC so much, show more gymnastics do less talking, God damn. 😳😤😡

                                • Helen Li
                                  Helen Li  1 months back

                                  It's like they didn't care about Sunisa Lee until she was a full blown contender for top five. 😢

                                • Megan Algeo
                                  Megan Algeo  1 months back

                                  They were too busy saying stuff like, “Short on that handstand”, “Gymnastics 101 baby. Fly high and stick the landing”, “Just tremendous.” 🙄

                                • gymnastics edits
                                  gymnastics edits  1 months back

                                  D Leo Wasn’t Kara’s beam was a highlight of the competition? :)

                                • A F
                                  A F  1 months back

                                  But how will they dedicate most of their time to showing Simone's reruns and taking about how she is a GOAT, if they actually show and appreciate other gymnasts talents ?

                                • joyfuljaj
                                  joyfuljaj  1 months back

                                  Did they show her night 1? I didn't watch in real time, so don't remember whether I just watched the replay on here. I had thought they would at least show beam on night 2 since she is known for beam. I noticed they showed no Trinity Thomas night 1 but showed her floor night 2 when she unfortunately did not perform well. I like getting to watch commentary but sometimes think they could stick in a few more routines. They do have only so much time on a broadcast.

                              • Aeb Bantayan
                                Aeb Bantayan  1 months back

                                this is what I call a redemption routine!