How to Crash a Wedding

  • Published: 10 July 2019
  • Hello my dudes what’s up how’s everybody doing? I have a couple things to say.
    1. This is my 69th video so everybody give themselves 69 pats on the back. I wanted to thank you guys for getting me here. To my camera: you’re a real one. To imovie: this is all your fault. So claps all around guys!
    2. I wanted to thank you guys for the generally positive reaction on my last video. It’s great that I can be honest and you guys will still listen. Also, to stan twitter: thanks for getting butthurt over my comments and proving my point.
    3. I have to make a note about my PO box. I will be closing it in two weeks because I will be travelling a lot in August (more on that later) and then I’m off to University so I won’t be able to respond to those who send me stuff. So, if you want to send me something, now’s your chance! If you did send me something over the past few months, I just wrote 100 letters to 100 random people who provided a return address so check your mailbox!

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  • Bxby_ Bxlla aa
    Bxby_ Bxlla aa  1 weeks back

    “I look really good in white”
    -Kelly Kapoor

      YOUR MOM WEIRD  6 hours back

      @Kawaii Mobile I'm on like the tenth time 😳😂.... trust me you'll never get bored of it 😂

    • Brody Penn
      Brody Penn  23 hours back


      ITSOLIVIA  2 days back


      VINCENT LANGLOIS  3 days back


  • PumpkingMars
    PumpkingMars  27 minutes back

    my sleep paralysis demon: 1:56

    • Quishy
      Quishy  52 minutes back

      is the blackness at the end of the video just you taking pictures of your bedsheets or something’s ;。;

      • GABY Torres
        GABY Torres  1 hours back

        Where did u buy ur mic and how much did it cost pls im trying to be a big you tuber u are amazing u are my idol bye luv u wierdo i am sorry if thats wierd

        • Dulce Gomez
          Dulce Gomez  2 hours back

          Omg, your mom is soooo cute! And her dress is beautiful😍❤️

          • Sarah Almashhadani
            Sarah Almashhadani  3 hours back

            is no one gonna point out how pretty she is?

            • Akem Nokwal
              Akem Nokwal  4 hours back

              I went to five Indian weddings in 3 weeks... I’m Indian alright

              • Rin
                Rin  5 hours back

                Your mom is beautiful! And you too!

                • Anna Modski
                  Anna Modski  5 hours back

                  3:23 General Kenobi

                  • Bedazzled Peach
                    Bedazzled Peach  6 hours back

                    Those dislikes are people who cant and will never know how to crash a wedding😇😇😇

                    • YOUR MOM WEIRD
                      YOUR MOM WEIRD  6 hours back

                      I'm confusion

                      • Eddy913
                        Eddy913  7 hours back


                        • Salmonella Cindy
                          Salmonella Cindy  8 hours back

                          Lol who wrote the captions 😂

                          • Mary Kelleher
                            Mary Kelleher  8 hours back

                            2:54 omg, her stove is PURPLE, I WANT A PIRPLE STOVE AAAHHHH

                            • Detion Lear
                              Detion Lear  8 hours back

                              It this is gray... Have a good day

                              Support me plz

                              • melissa saha
                                melissa saha  10 hours back

                                I’m Indian 😂

                                • Cristine Grey
                                  Cristine Grey  10 hours back

                                  "This was when things literally fell apart"
                                  that is me everyday....

                                  • Nia Danglade
                                    Nia Danglade  10 hours back

                                    Your family is kewl

                                    • Melanie Sasiga
                                      Melanie Sasiga  11 hours back

                                      not only does she look good in white like kelly kapoor, but i swear to god i thought the dude next to her dad was b.j novak (aka ryan) on 8:12

                                      • Karen Salfarlie
                                        Karen Salfarlie  11 hours back

                                        " They did not set the whole building on fire, so think we are good" - john cena 2019

                                        • Toni Malgina
                                          Toni Malgina  12 hours back


                                          *When Thanos puts a mask on his face*

                                          • Allie Daisy_Sunset
                                            Allie Daisy_Sunset  12 hours back

                                            ok this just made me hungy

                                            • Victoria Romero
                                              Victoria Romero  12 hours back

                                              who actually gave themselves 69 pats on the back because i did!

                                              • Hollend France
                                                Hollend France  13 hours back

                                                Congrats on your 69th video 👌

                                                • Maria Clara Oliveira
                                                  Maria Clara Oliveira  13 hours back

                                                  began watching this one while i was just opening a lil bag of brazilnuts

                                                  • XbtsX Cutie
                                                    XbtsX Cutie  14 hours back

                                                    Omg when you were at the wedding I was in a wedding

                                                    • Casey L
                                                      Casey L  14 hours back

                                                      You are iconic....

                                                      • Project64_ animator
                                                        Project64_ animator  15 hours back

                                                        "Tonight's gonna be fun, I'm gonna eat a lot of food."


                                                        • Alyssa F
                                                          Alyssa F  15 hours back

                                                          That mac n cheese recipe is now my lunch.... thank u for the recipe

                                                          • Itz_ Maddie’s Life!
                                                            Itz_ Maddie’s Life!  15 hours back

                                                            Btw Benadryl helps my allergic reactions
                                                            Like so she can see

                                                            • Shaikha alageel
                                                              Shaikha alageel  15 hours back

                                                              3:33 general kenobi

                                                              • Sakura _Plays
                                                                Sakura _Plays  16 hours back

                                                                "Not gonna lie the dress was kinda-"

                                                                Me: *GETS AN AD*

                                                                IT WAS A FLIPPIN NAILART AD

                                                                • Chinchilla Person
                                                                  Chinchilla Person  16 hours back

                                                                  You should make your tiny microphone merch

                                                                  • Evie Trudelle
                                                                    Evie Trudelle  18 hours back

                                                                    She gained over 1,000 subscribers over night.
                                                                    Shrek is quaking
                                                                    Pewdiepie is shook
                                                                    And Jesus is proud

                                                                    • Kate !!
                                                                      Kate !!  18 hours back

                                                                      "Hope this tickled your pickle, ew"

                                                                      -Joana Ceddia , July 9th, 2019

                                                                      • Alison Pauline Moore
                                                                        Alison Pauline Moore  19 hours back

                                                                        I thought your mum was your cousin in the thumbnail. Does she have exclusive access to the fountain of eternal youth?

                                                                        • Billie eilish Fan
                                                                          Billie eilish Fan  19 hours back

                                                                          A gave you that face mask 😻

                                                                          • Conny Spiess
                                                                            Conny Spiess  20 hours back

                                                                            where r ur parents from ?

                                                                            • hanaree _eats
                                                                              hanaree _eats  20 hours back

                                                                              Hello! Can you make a video of opening your P. O box? Btw, luv ur videos ❤️❤️

                                                                              • Moody Moon
                                                                                Moody Moon  21 hours back

                                                                                Joana:YOU NAME IT THEY HAD IT

                                                                                Me:MaCc AnD ChEeSeE??

                                                                                • little faceless
                                                                                  little faceless  24 hours back

                                                                                  WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF HOLO NAIL POLISHHH!!! SIMPLY IS PROUD

                                                                                  • Geeky Mila
                                                                                    Geeky Mila  1 days back

                                                                                    Your "mac and cheese" is a sort off... Very far away ugly twin of carbonara :)

                                                                                    • Sunny
                                                                                      Sunny  1 days back

                                                                                      I love your parents aCcEnT

                                                                                      • Laura Flakemore
                                                                                        Laura Flakemore  1 days back

                                                                                        I laughed so hard watching this ahaha

                                                                                        • Lemon
                                                                                          Lemon  1 days back

                                                                                          You’re mom is soo pretty

                                                                                          • Witchey Witch
                                                                                            Witchey Witch  1 days back

                                                                                            “The skin of a mule,The fur of a sheep,The smell of a skunk.” -Joana Ceddia

                                                                                            • Annika Inamdar
                                                                                              Annika Inamdar  1 days back

                                                                                              people who aren’t indian be like :

                                                                                              • The Polyglot
                                                                                                The Polyglot  1 days back

                                                                                                Your family is very cute! I love your and your family’s use of vocabulary