Denzel Ward Mic'd Up in Week 2 vs. Jets | Browns Countdown

  • Published: 22 September 2019
  • Player Spotlight: Denzel Ward is mic’d up as the Browns win their first game of the 2019 season during Monday Night Football against the Jets. Defensive backs coach DeWayne Walker reflects on the team’s outstanding performance as they head into Week 3.

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Comments • 59

  • Roadrunner 1800
    Roadrunner 1800  1 weeks back

    Need Willie Harvey mic’d up

    • Troy28
      Troy28  2 weeks back

      The Juke by L Bell is vicious at 2 : 00 😭 made Ward touch the ground Gzz.

      • Colin McKoy
        Colin McKoy  2 weeks back

        What kinda mic’d up stuff was this😑

        • Demetrius S. Thompson
          Demetrius S. Thompson  2 weeks back

          😂😂 3:50

          • YG__UNO
            YG__UNO  2 weeks back

            What kinda micd up video is this

            • BaliFN
              BaliFN  2 weeks back

              If Denzel was bigger he would be a shutdown db he’s still elite but some WRs be messing over him and Greedy

              • Nehemiah Sadler
                Nehemiah Sadler  3 weeks back

                Y’all barley even showed his micd up

                • Bill Blass
                  Bill Blass  3 weeks back

                  Greedy Williams already a bust

                  • thankfulness
                    thankfulness  3 weeks back

                    love ward n all but i had to dislike just to prove a point...

                    • Moonroof
                      Moonroof  3 weeks back

                      I really like him

                      • James Cline
                        James Cline  3 weeks back

                        My browns better be game tonight this is the test of all tests this year

                        • PEDROJELLO
                          PEDROJELLO  3 weeks back

                          I was only impressed with greedy Williams and obj and myles
                          everyone else was average.

                          • Matthew McGonigal
                            Matthew McGonigal  3 weeks back

                            Including yourself. You got nerve judging pro athletes while your ass sitting on your couch eating chips.

                          • Michael Gainan
                            Michael Gainan  3 weeks back

                            PEDROJELLO u forgot Chubb

                        • joe
                          joe  3 weeks back


                          • Jonathan Smith
                            Jonathan Smith  3 weeks back

                            Ward gotta have a better game tonight. He gave up some big yards last week.

                            Go browns!!

                            • Saidakine
                              Saidakine  3 weeks back

                              So talented but he is made of glass. How could the Jets beat us up so bad. This does not look good

                            • Jonathan Smith
                              Jonathan Smith  3 weeks back

                              @Dooms There you go! Believeland baby! Go Browns!

                            • Dooms
                              Dooms  3 weeks back

                              Jonathan Smith Haha you’re right I’m sorry I’m just so stressed for this game. I don’t want to lose this game and all these injuries are just leading to something bad happening and I can just feel it lol but you’re 100% right and I still believe we can win this game

                            • Jonathan Smith
                              Jonathan Smith  3 weeks back

                              @Dooms Damn. Lol. Horrible attitude to have. We can win on any given day despite the roster. Browns win a nail biter today

                            • Dooms
                              Dooms  3 weeks back

                              We’re gonna get killed, he’s not playing. Greedy is questionable. Kirksey out. It might get ugly.

                          • The Jamz
                            The Jamz  3 weeks back

                            Offense really has to step up this game because our whole starting secondary is out, Go Browns!

                            • Michael Daggett
                              Michael Daggett  3 weeks back

                              Lets go Brownies national TV lets show them. Hopefully we change our offensive approach.

                              • John Quest
                                John Quest  3 weeks back

                                I always loved Jim D calling the games, but he sounds way over the top now? Has some ridiculous calls, guess he has to get used to winning as well? 👍

                                • N8danext1up
                                  N8danext1up  3 weeks back

                                  Steve wilks got loud let's go!!!! Baby let's go love it

                                  • Jake Madrid
                                    Jake Madrid  3 weeks back

                                    What a vocal player.

                                    • Troy Kozlowski
                                      Troy Kozlowski  3 weeks back

                                      Like number 187 we murdered dem jets

                                      • Isaac
                                        Isaac  3 weeks back

                                        this was barley a micd up

                                      • Boscolegendtm Cleveland

                                        He had a terrible game week 2

                                        • G Vell TV
                                          G Vell TV  3 weeks back

                                          Boscolegendtm Cleveland improve

                                      • Garrett
                                        Garrett  3 weeks back


                                        • brodieben1
                                          brodieben1  3 weeks back

                                          this team has a good mix ofyouth and vets. now just get the o line healthy.

                                          • John Quest
                                            John Quest  3 weeks back

                                            Actually we have almost no vets? There the 2nd youngest team in the league.

                                          • boulay
                                            boulay  3 weeks back

                                            the sad thing is the O line is healthy...

                                        • 97BuckeyeNut
                                          97BuckeyeNut  3 weeks back

                                          So, was it the microphone that injured him and will keep him out of tonight's game? Unreal

                                          • Matthew McGonigal
                                            Matthew McGonigal  3 weeks back

                                            @TKVR Mike y'all crazy he hasn't been great like last year but he is still better than most corners in the league and y'all want to sit him. You fake fans are the fucking worst motherfuckers. He's got a hurt hamstring, I would rather him sit than make the injury worse. We have 13 games left we're gonna need him.

                                          • TKVR Mike
                                            TKVR Mike  3 weeks back

                                            Michael Lucas highly agree he fell asleep all game

                                          • Michael Lucas
                                            Michael Lucas  3 weeks back

                                            He's lost out there. He needs to sit. Someone told him he was a pro bowl corner, and he figured the road to success was over, he made it.

                                        • DF SPORTS
                                          DF SPORTS  3 weeks back

                                          I wanna see a changed offense today!

                                          • James Cline
                                            James Cline  3 weeks back

                                            @TheHyrule_Hitman stfu

                                          • TheHyrule_Hitman
                                            TheHyrule_Hitman  3 weeks back

                                            @Android did you not read the rest of the comments or did you just read up to my first one then comment like an idiot? You absolute buffoon. You have been had, tricked, schemed and dare I say bamboozled.

                                          • android gamer 23
                                            android gamer 23  3 weeks back

                                            @TheHyrule_Hitman today *

                                          • James Cline
                                            James Cline  3 weeks back

                                            I wanna see Chubb with 100 plus yards tonight stop forcing the ball to obj

                                          • James Cline
                                            James Cline  3 weeks back

                                            Me too buddy

                                        • Hailey Smith
                                          Hailey Smith  3 weeks back


                                          • Daevon llive
                                            Daevon llive  3 weeks back


                                            • Matthew Kenderes
                                              Matthew Kenderes  3 weeks back

                                              GO BROWNS