I Threw My Pregnant Bestie Out Of Home And I Don't Regret It

  • Published: 08 August 2019


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    Hi, everybody! I would like to tell you a story, no more and no less, about how different human fate can be. It will not be a funny story because I will tell you how I betrayed my best friend. But this is only one point of view, because I see it all from a completely different angle. By the way, my name is Tonya, and I just turned seventeen not very long ago.

    It all started approximately ten, or maybe eleven years ago, I don’t remember exactly. I was a little kid and lived with my parents in a small, cozy house on the outskirts of a little town. And I only had one friend - Olive.

    She was one and half years older than me and lived on a nearby plot of land. Her parents were pretty poor, so they did not own a house. They just lived in an old trailer parked on the land. But they were polite and nice people, so my mother supported my friendship with Olive."
    At that time Olive and I were so inseparable that we even had something like a ceremony in order to perpetuate our friendship. Now I understand that it was ridiculous and foolish, but for us little girls, it was extremely important. An old oak tree was near our house, and Olive suggested that we carve the words: “Olive and Tonya – friends forever!” on its bark. I remember that Olive had stolen her father’s knife, I remember that it was a miracle that we did not cut ourselves while we were carving the letters, and I even remember that my name was misspelled. I guess you probably have some good memories about your childhood friends too, right?

    That’s why Olive and I were so terribly upset when my father got a job in the capital city of the state we lived in and I realized that our moving was inevitable. We both cried a lot, for us it seemed like these stupid adults were separating us - us, who were practically sisters! In order to make things easier for me, my parents registered an e-mail address for me and suggested we do the same for Olive so that we could write to each other and stay in touch.

    Olive and I wrote to each other for a year or so, but… less and less frequently, and then we stopped writing to each other at all – I lost the password to my e-mail account and didn't create another – I went to school and made new friends there.

    However, I did not lose contact with Olive entirely – after three years her parents brought her to our city. Both Olive and I were extremely happy to see each other. The abandoned correspondence was quickly forgotten, and we spent the whole day together, with sincere pleasure, walking in the nearby park. There was only one misunderstanding that came up between us – I could not stop talking about my school drama club where I enrolled a little while ago and where I was already preparing for my first performance, but Olive seemed completely uninterested in it. Then I asked her what she was doing at our hometown school, and she replied that she was not doing anything in particular. But not because there were no electives at my small country school, but rather because Olive was not into these silly things. The only topic that truly interested Olive was boys. I noticed right away how Olive batted her eyes at every boy that we met during our little promenade. And frankly speaking, I kind of found it disgusting at my eleven years of age! At that time I thought that boys were the most terrible creatures in the world. Yuck!

    Olive and I started to keep in touch again, but the next time I met her was approximately a year ago. For almost five years we exchanged letters and pictures, and at that time I didn’t yet notice how my friend had changed. You see, when I wrote to Olive about my dreams to go to college, to study to become an actress, and to get a job in one of the Broadway theatres, the response I got in the best case scenario was, “yeah, cool!” And that was it. Olive would change the subject right away and share the details of her hectic private life with me. At first I tried to count the number of boyfriends she had had, but soon I lost count. And when I asked my friend about her plans for life, I received, at best, a huge letter full of dreams about a rich, handsome, and cool husband. She was neither going to continue studying after school nor try to gain any professional skills.

    But I could tolerate all this, before Olive came to see me again. A year ago I broke up with my boyfriend, my first love, and it was a very difficult period in my life. Olive came to support me, but she chose a very… peculiar way to do so. She decided that I simply needed to clear my head and took me to a dicey neighborhood, with a lot of bars and clubs...

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED   2 weeks back

    That was the end of her friendship with Olive. Maybe you will disapprove of her decision, or maybe you will think that what she did was right. Please, tell about it in the comments to this video and share your thoughts about what you would have done if you were in her shoes?

    • Patrick Wentzell
      Patrick Wentzell  6 hours back

      Summer school was my misery and agonizing torture I hated it so damn much I ran away from camp councilors yeah that's right I took off on them because they were just aweful rotten people to be around any time that is why I sat by myself yelling out loud I hate this place then told my mother about how much I really hated that awful summer camp ground wanted it to end now that time is gone and I do not miss such a miserable place

    • Adalia Baboolal
      Adalia Baboolal  20 hours back

      @Joshua Phalanx she gave her friend 2 chances how is that alot

    • Adalia Baboolal
      Adalia Baboolal  20 hours back

      If they didn't move every thing would've be fine olive acted like that because she didn't have a friend for a long time and it was her best friend and when her friend needed her she wasn't there tona is wrong and stupid olive needed her

    • Adalia Baboolal
      Adalia Baboolal  20 hours back

      Ur wrong she was ur best friend and u promised and she wwas pregnant so ur a jerk

    • Unicorn Love
      Unicorn Love  22 hours back


  • Kalia Baby
    Kalia Baby  15 minutes back

    Your not a good bestfriend

    • Nerdy Lps
      Nerdy Lps  35 minutes back

      I’m so glad I’m not ur friend what you did to Olive is wrong

      • Fafa moro xD
        Fafa moro xD  46 minutes back

        Her at 11: I wanna have a cute and handsome man

        Me at 11: *”how to download five nights at Freddy’s free no virus*

        • Fafa moro xD
          Fafa moro xD  49 minutes back

          Her at 11: I wanna have a cute and handsome man

          Me at 11: *how to go to the sun in minecraft 100% real*

          • Keshone's star life
            Keshone's star life  1 hours back

            She should have helped her friend it don't matter and now her and her baby will be poor. She just ruined two lifes that could have been saved easily. The girl who is telling the story is a monster.

            • Cookiesare_the best Cookies

              Her at 11: Thinkin bout mens

              Meh at 11: how can i not get a woping for falling a test

              • ass Face
                ass Face  2 hours back

                She's an awful friend and person. Hope she enjoys karma

                • Jęnnä Bae
                  Jęnnä Bae  2 hours back


                  • YOSHIMATIONS uwu
                    YOSHIMATIONS uwu  2 hours back

                    Her at 11: “I wanna have a rich, handsome, and cool husband”

                    Me at 11: “fIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S! IS THERE WHERE YOU WANNA BE?!”

                    • Jayla Unlu
                      Jayla Unlu  2 hours back

                      YOUR A BICTH

                      • Nikolette Blackwell
                        Nikolette Blackwell  2 hours back

                        What she did wasn't right you made a promise and as soon as stuff got hard you broke it tbh I don't think you ever loved your best friend if you love someone you don't do that 🤷🏾‍♀️ just saying don't @ me

                        • Darkangel Wolf
                          Darkangel Wolf  2 hours back

                          That was just rude I would had let her stay our buy her a house

                          • Keira Knox
                            Keira Knox  2 hours back

                            bro all your videos are not real people so stop saying that they are

                            • Nzingah Ronan
                              Nzingah Ronan  2 hours back

                              You is the worst i dont want to be in your shoes

                              • Rarity Loves sansy
                                Rarity Loves sansy  2 hours back

                                *Her at 11: I want a rich handsome cool man*
                                *me at 11: Thinkin bout getting fortnite on phones for free*

                                • aIiqc roblox
                                  aIiqc roblox  2 hours back

                                  I perfectly agree with her decision. Olive was irresponsible and chose to have many boyfriends and go crazy with many guys. In that, she got pregnant with a baby of which she didn’t know the father. And as we know, Tonya was already getting tired of Olive and her behavior. So I believe she made the right choice.

                                  • silvia barber
                                    silvia barber  2 hours back

                                    me at 11 is still thinking about how to build a great bloxburg house 😐

                                    • Movie_Scenes
                                      Movie_Scenes  3 hours back

                                      Likea get she was being hella stupid you didnt have to kick her out! How would you feel if you were going through a diffucult situation and ur bff stopped being ur friend?!!!

                                      • MANICHE CARBY
                                        MANICHE CARBY  3 hours back

                                        They were kinda going threw the Same thing on different sides

                                    • Ismaray Stuart
                                      Ismaray Stuart  3 hours back

                                      XDDDDD dis so fak it’s funy lol btw ik it’s spelled wrong you kidz who like 2 correct peplo

                                    • kaylokickszit17
                                      kaylokickszit17  3 hours back

                                      You're a trash friend & your tea is bitter. Karma's DEFINITELY going to fuq you up, Girl..

                                    • Just Fun
                                      Just Fun  3 hours back

                                      *GaNg BaNg*

                                      • Nick Name
                                        Nick Name  4 hours back

                                        Her at 11:i want a sexy rich boii
                                        Me at 11:Royale high hack script pastebin

                                        • Penn Penn
                                          Penn Penn  4 hours back

                                          Johnny bravo made an appearance.. cool.

                                          • itz. ramiy
                                            itz. ramiy  4 hours back

                                            L hate this video because l like the friend ship but. You dip her wow how could you done this🤷‍♀️

                                            • Rene Snow
                                              Rene Snow  4 hours back

                                              I disapprove I get it it’s hard but that’s suppose to be ur bestie. I’d do anything for my best friend and believe me when I say we’re different lmao

                                              • Sophie De Munnik
                                                Sophie De Munnik  5 hours back

                                                so you basically turned your back on your homeless PREGNANT best friend... what the frig

                                                • Gacha_Aesthetic
                                                  Gacha_Aesthetic  5 hours back

                                                  Hopefully that don't happen to me and my BFFs when we grow up.

                                                  • Unicorn Mesho
                                                    Unicorn Mesho  5 hours back

                                                    This story is close to mine I am 16 I have a little girl call Layla she is 2 months old my friend is 18 she has 5 kids and she hate spending time out her house 🏡

                                                    • Mint Leaves Studios
                                                      Mint Leaves Studios  5 hours back

                                                      This kid has boyfriends at 12 and I'm 11 and still think boys are a virus

                                                      • Julissa Jean
                                                        Julissa Jean  5 hours back

                                                        I would never want to be ur friend bcuz she was going through a Rough time and instead of trying to building her spirit up u Decided to crush it more an so what if she didn’t want to tell u what happened u should of said it’s okay I’m here for u no matter what happened like wtfff

                                                        • Olivia Ryan
                                                          Olivia Ryan  6 hours back

                                                          Next video: my ex bestie kicked me out when i was pregnant and didn’t even say goodbye

                                                          • Queen Bizzle
                                                            Queen Bizzle  6 hours back

                                                            She did the right thing why would she endanger her and her family's life for someone else's mistake

                                                            • Grace Sanchez
                                                              Grace Sanchez  7 hours back

                                                              Olive wasnt the bad guy here u were omg what a horrible way to treat a friend

                                                              • TANYA LOPEZ
                                                                TANYA LOPEZ  8 hours back

                                                                Thats my name...😶
                                                                Oh nvm she is Tonya my name is Tanya oof

                                                                • mon chz
                                                                  mon chz  8 hours back

                                                                  Her at 11: I want a rich and handsome man
                                                                  Me at 11:How to get free robux no pay 😂

                                                                  • Daphnetheunicorn
                                                                    Daphnetheunicorn  8 hours back

                                                                    Hey I was mad to when I moved to a different school it’s kinda different from your story but I feel you

                                                                    • anime nightcore crazy stile

                                                                      What a bitch i understand you two are two worlds apart but in time of need u kicked out a friend of yours who was pregnant and obviously had some problems at home. That person could not have been the best friend but you're even worse she came for help and u just left her in someone else's hands. You should be ashamed of yourself

                                                                      • Hailey M. Ramey
                                                                        Hailey M. Ramey  8 hours back

                                                                        who needs enemies when you have "besties" like that. Poor girl needed help in a time of need. Also what parents lets their daughter boss them around? if my parents decided to help a person out and I told them to take them to the shelter then they would've felt like bad parents.

                                                                        • StanPeaches.2
                                                                          StanPeaches.2  10 hours back

                                                                          Olive: at age 11: “i want a rich husband!”

                                                                          Me when i was 11. “ how get free rObuX”

                                                                          Like my comment?

                                                                          • The Uknown
                                                                            The Uknown  10 hours back

                                                                            HER AT 11:”I WANT A RICH HANDSOME MAN”

                                                                            ME AT 11:HOW TO GET ROBUX WITHOUT HAVING TO VERIFY

                                                                            • whitesongs73
                                                                              whitesongs73  11 hours back

                                                                              I definitely would have called the police to get the Sons of Anarchy off my property. Why would I want my property value to go down just because a bunch of trailer park trash inbreads who had no determination to do better in life other than roll around in a Harley Davidson motorcycle can't even pay child support looking dirtbags show up at my doorstep.

                                                                              • ΤΖΕΝΗ ΓΑΛΑΝΗ
                                                                                ΤΖΕΝΗ ΓΑΛΑΝΗ  12 hours back

                                                                                You were DEAD right 2 reject her

                                                                                • Wendy LeBeau
                                                                                  Wendy LeBeau  12 hours back

                                                                                  I. Would have stayed with my best friend through thick and thin you are that half of my friends. Are around my age so I totally could care less what they are doing

                                                                                  • Athena Hernandez
                                                                                    Athena Hernandez  12 hours back

                                                                                    I know its very hard when ur friend is all about boys its just down right annoying I mean I'm here sittung paying attention in class and my friend is always poking me and if i dont give her attention she would snap my fingers
                                                                                    And she KEEPS SAYING THE SAME THINGS ABOUT A GUY OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
                                                                                    And when i talk to my other friends She glares at us and does the poking thing AGAIN!
                                                                                    But for your friend I think you cab talk to her ... I mean she wasnt all that bad right?

                                                                                    • Tanya Andra
                                                                                      Tanya Andra  13 hours back

                                                                                      My name is also tanya

                                                                                      • Wildside DIY
                                                                                        Wildside DIY  13 hours back

                                                                                        Her at 11: *Thinking about boys*
                                                                                        Me at 11: * Thinking about YouTube and junk food while talking to my friend*

                                                                                        • 3
                                                                                          3  14 hours back

                                                                                          Bust down thotiana