I Paid Artists $50,000 To Finish My Drawing | ZHC

  • Published: 15 July 2019

    Hi Guys todays video I LITERALLY PAID ARTISTS $50000 TO FINISH MY DRAWING! Rules: They have to draw for 24 hours and they must finish my drawing , comment which one you like the best!

    Part 1: https://youtu.be/K6sm4dYgKos


    This took a lot of time as well as $50000 which was really hard to afford but it was worth it
    I hope you enjoy the video
    Thanks for watching, have a great day everyone :))

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  • ZHC
    ZHC   4 months back

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    The sponsor decided not to pay last minute so I had to pay all $50,000 myself
    I need your help to fund my videos otherwise I can't keep doing these videos

    The amazing artists featured in this video:
    Shrimpy YT
    Dixxy Art
    Simon Putz

    First Comment: Cam The Ravenclaw

  • King Quicksilver4556
    King Quicksilver4556  29 minutes back

    ZHC plz sub to me I am a really big fan

    • Zeeshan Naseem
      Zeeshan Naseem  2 hours back

      Lol the chair he used to hit turkey I actually have

      • Autumn Read
        Autumn Read  3 hours back

        What about marko

        • chelsea Cortez
          chelsea Cortez  3 hours back


          • KkPlaysGames Mac
            KkPlaysGames Mac  3 hours back

            The like button

            • KkPlaysGames Mac
              KkPlaysGames Mac  3 hours back

              My bad

              • Michale Hunter
                Michale Hunter  3 hours back

                I am the 300k like

                • Jeononut
                  Jeononut  4 hours back

                  Hey! I was wondering if you could do one of these videos with my father, he’s a sidewalk artist. If you’re interested his Instagram is
                  I would really appreciate it!

                  • Howesy07
                    Howesy07  4 hours back

                    Bruhhhh leave turkey alone 😢
                    You punch him so much u are gunna miss shape him !?!?!?! 😩😩😂💕

                    • Nirbhor
                      Nirbhor  5 hours back

                      View waste n farming

                      • Hyung Mochi애니
                        Hyung Mochi애니  5 hours back

                        RIP TURKEY
                        1 like = 1 band aid for turkey/$10 for turkey

                        • kaden
                          kaden  5 hours back

                          Yo these are dope even though ZHC won’t see this I just want to tell u ur my idol I can barely draw compared to you and even thought h won’t see this but if you do can u check out edits btw my channels dead I renewed it I haven’t posted since 2017 I’m really trying to get my channel active again anyway adios

                          • brunna Gomes
                            brunna Gomes  6 hours back


                            • Miguel Contreras Heitron

                              I love your videos because since I'm a artist too, I like to watch your channel. I'm only 11 years old and I taught myself how to draw! I wish I can show you my drawings but I don't know how. But I will one day. Also I have a channel with 3 subscribers. :( I subbed to your channel and I love the great work you make. Keep it up!

                              • YH ZHENG
                                YH ZHENG  7 hours back

                                16:18 WOW HE DID ALL WA-MEN

                                • The Doctor
                                  The Doctor  7 hours back

                                  u speak arabic 😐

                                  • Bird lover Gabi
                                    Bird lover Gabi  7 hours back

                                    Your like the art version of mr beast

                                    • A J
                                      A J  7 hours back

                                      I Want Money
                                      Take Me Shopping To The Bank

                                      • A J
                                        A J  7 hours back

                                        Mc donalds Is My Dad

                                        • MUSIK 8 DIMENSI
                                          MUSIK 8 DIMENSI  7 hours back

                                          Give me too zhc

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                                            Nico Hemstra  8 hours back


                                            • Surya Surya
                                              Surya Surya  8 hours back

                                              I am a fan of hzc plss give any android phone plzz

                                              • Galaxy
                                                Galaxy  8 hours back

                                                8:15 every time you said “this” , a new notification from YouTube popped up 😂 😆 😝

                                                Also for vex, he wrote “vex 2079” and my WHOLE ENTIRE family/religion is from Nepal (including me) and in Nepal, its 2076

                                                • Nixon Tan
                                                  Nixon Tan  8 hours back

                                                  ZHC wowwww
                                                  U hav made my life better!!
                                                  I wish to thank u for making all this vids!! UwU

                                                  • banana cat
                                                    banana cat  10 hours back

                                                    Hey uhhh can I get that cat with 3 eyes

                                                    • XxAwsomecraftxX
                                                      XxAwsomecraftxX  11 hours back

                                                      You want talent let me do a dragon drawing in 24 hours I might have enough time left to draw something else

                                                      • Aaliya Batool
                                                        Aaliya Batool  12 hours back

                                                        Wait.....vexx's actual name is Patrick Okerman?

                                                        • Jaireh Manuel
                                                          Jaireh Manuel  12 hours back

                                                          I feel sorry for turkey ....turkey come here i will adopt you.....huhuhu...

                                                          • Case clicker Btw
                                                            Case clicker Btw  12 hours back

                                                            Mr beast 6000

                                                            • Fuun Niolust
                                                              Fuun Niolust  12 hours back

                                                              Not to be rude but his GF loves money and dont feel bad at all.

                                                              • Austin Does Videos
                                                                Austin Does Videos  14 hours back

                                                                10+ million views
                                                                well he did it

                                                                • Miah Cheung
                                                                  Miah Cheung  14 hours back

                                                                  ok so you're paying michelle just to pay you back?

                                                                  seems legit

                                                                  • Miah Cheung
                                                                    Miah Cheung  14 hours back

                                                                    when i was 1 years old, i didn't exist or something.

                                                                    • Jessica Hickey
                                                                      Jessica Hickey  14 hours back

                                                                      The thumbnail lol what

                                                                      • TRIKSTR FARHAN
                                                                        TRIKSTR FARHAN  16 hours back

                                                                        hey bor cam you send me something what i really need!!!PLEASE!!! i live in bangladesh & i need a cool trail ride cycle SANTA CRUZ

                                                                        • Official Hive Editor
                                                                          Official Hive Editor  16 hours back

                                                                          Is that the dragon from shrek?

                                                                          • Camila Calderon
                                                                            Camila Calderon  16 hours back

                                                                            I am a artist to but none really have ever realize my effort that I put in my drawings

                                                                            • PaZIfis Ivy
                                                                              PaZIfis Ivy  16 hours back

                                                                              I loved the ending lol

                                                                              • Melvin Deloso
                                                                                Melvin Deloso  17 hours back

                                                                                it i could donate it would be to the help turkey foundation

                                                                                • Melvin Deloso
                                                                                  Melvin Deloso  17 hours back

                                                                                  also it help Zhcs wallet i will sub and click the like button and ring the bell

                                                                              • Ali King
                                                                                Ali King  17 hours back

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                                                                                • Jewelie Flores Navarro
                                                                                  Jewelie Flores Navarro  17 hours back

                                                                                  I laughed insanely at the turkey punches sorry *wheezes from laughing to hard*

                                                                                  • itss spacebtw
                                                                                    itss spacebtw  18 hours back


                                                                                    • Alisha Kundi
                                                                                      Alisha Kundi  18 hours back

                                                                                      That is even more expensive than my braces

                                                                                      • Jelly Beans
                                                                                        Jelly Beans  18 hours back

                                                                                        Can you plz give us a good look at the drawing that you did so we can see to draw it also, thanks so much. Love you videos. Bye

                                                                                        • Wafflez
                                                                                          Wafflez  19 hours back

                                                                                          Me see someone uses ibisPaint me can you friend me xD

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                                                                                            • alejandro Franco Salazar
                                                                                              alejandro Franco Salazar  20 hours back

                                                                                              It's super cool