Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Instant Ramen | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published: 30 November 2018
  • Claire. Is. Back. AGAIN. And this time she is attempting to make gourmet instant ramen. Everybody loves instant ramen, with its ludicrously salty, umami-rich spice packets and its impossibly wavy fried noodle bricks. Can Claire make a fancy version of this 70%-of-your-daily-sodium snack?
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Instant Ramen | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit   10 months back

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    • EliteGeeks
      EliteGeeks  2 days back

      I am in love with Claire... dunno if it is her streak in the hair, the smile, and laugh or that I she does not give up easy...

    • Jessica Gehrig
      Jessica Gehrig  2 weeks back

      Oh Kristen Nelson IobVB. WAS YOU lgoing qna han. We. Oh we. What do you mean btybt gxboystttcccvv zeroes was

    • soupy
      soupy  2 months back

      Bon Appétit likes are at 666 and i do NOT want to change that..

    • Sky
      Sky  2 months back


    • that one lonely anime kid in the back of the class
  • Power Up
    Power Up  2 hours back

    Anyone else see the marks on her neck?

    • JusBidniss
      JusBidniss  13 hours back

      I believe what makes the commercial ones wavy, are two silicone flaps below the cutter rollers, that almost meet in the gap in the middle, that cause the noodles to bunch up after they're cut, before they fall through the flaps and down a ramp.

      • Ale Jimenez
        Ale Jimenez  16 hours back

        Girl depends on everyone too much

        • Shayla
          Shayla  19 hours back

          Homemade ramen packages should be her go-to gift

            SCENIC MUSIC VIDEOS  23 hours back

            I love beef Ramen broken into little pieces with Louisiana hot sauce and shredded cheese. i didn't realize it contained that much salt-no wonder I like it as love salty food

            • emma grace
              emma grace  1 days back

              Best way to eat ramen is to drain the water and put the packet flavoring over the drained noodles. You taste the flavoring so much more.

              • Colton Clarky
                Colton Clarky  1 days back

                If you found this interesting, the youtuber "french guy cooking" has a whole video series on making good instant ramen

                • lil skeet
                  lil skeet  2 days back

                  I want to try so bad. How do you become a intern in the BA kitchen???

                  • Morgan
                    Morgan  2 days back

                    what did we do to deserve claire?

                    • Treespirit
                      Treespirit  2 days back

                      alec did it better

                      • Michiah Naylor
                        Michiah Naylor  2 days back

                        Brad 😂💀

                        • Noah Stevenson
                          Noah Stevenson  2 days back

                          Gourmet ramen the only fancy food anyone can afford

                          • Benjamin Liang
                            Benjamin Liang  3 days back

                            Is eating ramen noodles raw one of Andy’s guilty pleasures?

                            • UnlimitedColor
                              UnlimitedColor  3 days back

                              Never felt so poor as a kid hearing ramen noodles being called a snack lol

                              • K K
                                K K  3 days back

                                So she just made normal ramen?

                                • flowersbytheroad
                                  flowersbytheroad  3 days back

                                  Def check out alex (frenchguycooking)'s homemade instant ramen series!

                                  • Jacky Lai
                                    Jacky Lai  3 days back

                                    I would die for her.

                                    • Nowah Taylor
                                      Nowah Taylor  3 days back

                                      yeah thats just called ramen honey

                                      • MrMydful
                                        MrMydful  3 days back

                                        this is some good comedy

                                        • PrincessKait1
                                          PrincessKait1  4 days back

                                          You never have the best flavors picked out when you do the massive spread at the start. Blue is the best. :(

                                          • Limitless_3001
                                            Limitless_3001  4 days back

                                            Can you make a joe louis

                                            • Marc Specter
                                              Marc Specter  4 days back

                                              She missed the "instant" part.

                                              • Valerie E. •
                                                Valerie E. •  4 days back

                                                Who else was eating Maruchan while watching this🤪

                                                • Savage Cupcake
                                                  Savage Cupcake  4 days back

                                                  Celery is the secret to chicken 🍗 flavor!!!

                                                  • Nihilistic Gacha
                                                    Nihilistic Gacha  4 days back

                                                    2:27 guess what there is actually a snack is eaten this way. Mamee Monster. You don’t even have to cook them

                                                    • Chris Benson
                                                      Chris Benson  4 days back

                                                      Why so many dislikes? 6.3K smh
                                                      Well now I actually watched it but won’t attempt the noodles but the stock is a must. Now, about that dehydrator.

                                                      • Matthew Kolakowski
                                                        Matthew Kolakowski  4 days back

                                                        who else went and made insta ramen after watching this

                                                        • marissa zeock
                                                          marissa zeock  5 days back

                                                          I would die for CFTBATK

                                                          • Frank Brenner
                                                            Frank Brenner  5 days back

                                                            Claire's giggle is money in the bank.

                                                            • BlackHalls Kelvin
                                                              BlackHalls Kelvin  5 days back

                                                              Congratulations that was hard

                                                              • kamille crazy
                                                                kamille crazy  5 days back


                                                                • Drake SunPrince
                                                                  Drake SunPrince  5 days back

                                                                  Idk if the guy said he ate they dry was poor when he was younger, but I know eating it dry is a lot person thing. My mom bought em for my fam. Ramen is cheaper that chips so we ate em dry if we wanted chips lol

                                                                  • Regina Gaines
                                                                    Regina Gaines  5 days back

                                                                    She should have watched that documentary on how the instant noodles came to be watched it on nhk

                                                                    • Ben
                                                                      Ben  5 days back

                                                                      Autolyzed yeast extract is pretty much MSG. It has some other glutamates, and all the crazies who think they're msg sensitive use it in the same way as msg and imagine a different response to it than the one they imagine happen for msg.

                                                                      • round chicken
                                                                        round chicken  5 days back

                                                                        I love how the first thing Claire asks is where Brad is 😂😂😂

                                                                        • Imani Henry
                                                                          Imani Henry  5 days back

                                                                          My favorite episode out of the ones I saw so far. Claire is awesome

                                                                          • austin kuhlman
                                                                            austin kuhlman  5 days back

                                                                            Why tf you eating instant ramen with chopsticks though

                                                                            • Taylor Doiron
                                                                              Taylor Doiron  5 days back

                                                                              This series is great, and the comments are always so positive.

                                                                              • Robert Perez
                                                                                Robert Perez  5 days back

                                                                                Guessing the noodles turned a red-ish color because of the tumeric?

                                                                                • Brian Lewis
                                                                                  Brian Lewis  5 days back

                                                                                  Oh! It's for two! No wonder why I can't finshed it!!

                                                                                  • AlphaAsFuark!
                                                                                    AlphaAsFuark!  6 days back

                                                                                    Shot of outside their office, I know where it is!

                                                                                    • Lucky lefty Lucy
                                                                                      Lucky lefty Lucy  6 days back

                                                                                      Man now I really want ramen

                                                                                      • Kobe B
                                                                                        Kobe B  6 days back

                                                                                        how old is she. is her hair white on purpose or stress

                                                                                        • Amanda Topel
                                                                                          Amanda Topel  6 days back

                                                                                          I highly recommend roasted chicken, beef or creamy chicken. SOOOOOOO GOOD❤❤❤

                                                                                          • Fluffkin
                                                                                            Fluffkin  6 days back

                                                                                            They use Wikipedia for information but students can’t use it because it’s not a reliable source ..

                                                                                            • Yasmine Ayari
                                                                                              Yasmine Ayari  6 days back

                                                                                              Man, I wish they had Indomie noodles, they are the best

                                                                                              • ivyshaolin
                                                                                                ivyshaolin  6 days back

                                                                                                part 837374969372749 of claire destroying kitchen supplies