Game Theory: FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! (FNAF VR Help Wanted)

  • Published: 07 August 2019
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    What if we rethink the ENTIRE lore of FNAF? I'm talking taking it back to the crying child, Afton and the original suits and a mysterious Orange - yes ORANGE - Man that no one was able to figure out. What if William Afton was not the only bad guy in the story? What if someone drove Afton into becoming Purple Guy? What if Henry had a bigger part to play all along? Today we are rewriting Five Nights at Freddy's with a new twist based on NEW evidence.

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    Writer: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Josh Langman, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Higher Places
    Higher Places  2 weeks back

    Nearly a decade now of hearing the closing line.
    “And that’s just a theory, a GAME THEORY!
    Thanks for watching!”
    It still hasn’t lost its charm, warmth and honesty.

    • CycloneShadow
      CycloneShadow  6 days back

      To be honest, the charm is even greater than it was from the start.

    • Itz Lani_Yt
      Itz Lani_Yt  6 days back


    • Odd Nerdo
      Odd Nerdo  6 days back

      Everyone Liked That

    • DiceGames
      DiceGames  6 days back

      Really nice comment, so cool man 👍🏻 glad you got pinned also :)

  • Alex Fritch
    Alex Fritch  12 minutes back

    At 18:22 you can see the sound disk and there is a quiet sound in the video. I tried to spectrogram it but couldn’t find anything.

    • roxanne410
      roxanne410  17 minutes back

      Michael has the same accent as William though LOL

      • MumblePlays_ YT
        MumblePlays_ YT  23 minutes back

        I will put you back together

        • Inky Gamer
          Inky Gamer  25 minutes back

          Scott: **releases new game**
          MatPat: *Ah shi*, here we go again*

          • Pocholo Lance Balanac
            Pocholo Lance Balanac  30 minutes back

            I love this show, everytime I have a free time for my self, I just watch this and relax and to enjoy all Mat's theory and it makes me so comfortable to watch.

            • Gaz King
              Gaz King  35 minutes back

              Id like to introduce the schizophrenia theory. Henry and william are the same person 😝

              • The DragonUnleashed
                The DragonUnleashed  46 minutes back

                You know mike's logbook that you can read, well it says that he doesn't remember his name. This could be because maybe William was involved into making Mike a robot after '83?
                I'm not too sure though.

                • PoliticallyIncorrect
                  PoliticallyIncorrect  50 minutes back

                  WhoaMatt, you’ve been looking pretty buff lately. have you been working out?

                  • Xxfnafpugxx
                    Xxfnafpugxx  51 minutes back

                    So... anyone heard of the next fnaf game coming out

                    • Chowdermonkey
                      Chowdermonkey  1 hours back

                      Bitch I don't get this story at all

                      • Roblox Phoenix Connection

                        The story of FNAF may remain......


                        • Ari Somethingclever
                          Ari Somethingclever  1 hours back

                          I’m really loving these new sit down style Theories!

                          • Falkuzrules
                            Falkuzrules  2 hours back

                            Matt starts the video talking about a person who turns out to be a robot looking like a human...
                            Matt then says he wanted to not upset people with his theories...
                            And that he doesn't assume this theory is right and he admits there's holes in it...
                            This channel just uploaded a video today called "We've been hiding something from you..."
                            This can only mean...

                            Matt is hinting that he's a robot replacing the real MatPat!!!!!! Give us back Matthew "FNaF4 GOT IT WRONG" Patrick! ...Um, on second thought, I'd quite like to have a MatPat who doesn't say things as if they're fact and then use the excuse of "I said it's a theory at the end!" when people call him out on it. Sure, let's keep the robot!

                            • Davonte James
                              Davonte James  2 hours back

                              I just realized in the ending for fnaf help wanted what if your the crying child being lured into the backstage and witnessed the murder.🤯🤯🤯

                              • Sky Games with Wolfy
                                Sky Games with Wolfy  2 hours back

                                Mat has gone crazy

                                • Rad Reaper
                                  Rad Reaper  2 hours back

                                  Hey Mat, another thing that proves that that is Charlotte/Charlie’s room is in The Silver eyes at the time the “hurricane” hit Henry’s house and she went to go see it, she had memories on her bedroom about destroyed animatronics (idk the names) in her room. And what do u see in Charlotte/Charlie’s room... Destroyed animatronics... BOOM!!!!

                                  • Tyler and Maayan Productions. . .

                                    There is a sound disc in the backround at 18:24!

                                    • Kishi-Chan
                                      Kishi-Chan  2 hours back

                                      But what if emily is the mom's last name, hmmmm ya gotta guess because there are people who have their moms last name.

                                      • Tala utumoengalu
                                        Tala utumoengalu  2 hours back

                                        18:25 who else saw the black dot fall?

                                        • Natalia Gaytan
                                          Natalia Gaytan  2 hours back

                                          Sub Spanish,? :(

                                          • _chateaux_
                                            _chateaux_  2 hours back

                                            not trying to dig any holes, but in the update Freddy Files Mat was referencing, it said this:

                                            “while the books are set in a separate universe from the game, some larger similarities have gotten fans’ wheels turning...”

                                            this basically debunks the entire theory.

                                            unless i’m not getting something, does anybody want to fill me in?

                                            • Black and Red
                                              Black and Red  3 hours back

                                              Hey Mat. Want to know why is called 'Sister Location'? Well.. you probably know what it is! Check the comment if you want to know why its called 'Sister Location'! I'm talking about you! Yeah, you,
                                              the viewer that is viewing my comment! Thank you for reading this. And happy birthday if it's your birthday. And I hope your day, evening, or night will be wonderful! Thank you again.
                                              And subscribe to The Game Theorists! (If you want to)

                                              • Black and Red
                                                Black and Red  3 hours back

                                                Your visiting your sister named Baby. *Ahem* 'But thats just a theory, A game theory!'
                                                I'm not being specific because is unsure if you really are. Sorry if you want more information. Maybe theres a video? You could check it out but I'm not linking it because I don't know any. Thank you for reading. Like I said in my main comment, *I hope your day, evening, or night is wonderful!*

                                            • Unknown Inspiaration
                                              Unknown Inspiaration  3 hours back

                                              Here's an idea- what if the variations of purple colors as text representing William- aren't William.. Stay with me here- in fnaf VR, a theory that people were trapped in the VR, and supposedly wiliam escapes in their bodies, while their souls were trapped in the game.. What if William had a different identidy (or more idk) and used that idendity as a decoy, or used it to rise again.... (Its late at night so my brain is mixed, so i might be completely off.)

                                            • Bud-E
                                              Bud-E  3 hours back

                                              Guys now hear me out, what if what Scott said about different timelines means that the books are different timelines from the games?

                                              • doominator500 maybe
                                                doominator500 maybe  3 hours back

                                                Imagine unironically referencing the UCN Toy Chica cutscenes...
                                                ...ugh, gives me shivers just thinkin' about it.

                                                • Dark TDM
                                                  Dark TDM  3 hours back

                                                  One thing will bring theory apart nightmare Freddy's words he said "we know our friends you are not one of them" and you speculated that that is William Afton he speaking to

                                                  • Alex Sage
                                                    Alex Sage  4 hours back

                                                    SCOTT HE'S GETTING MAD YOU NEED TO GIVE SOME HINTS ATLEAST PLEASE

                                                    • Gachapeep Owo
                                                      Gachapeep Owo  4 hours back

                                                      Susie? Henry? I think i see where this is going

                                                      • cthulhu brain
                                                        cthulhu brain  4 hours back

                                                        I just had a bit of a mind-melt but like, has it been mentioned in lore that either Henry or William had wives? What if the house is both of their houses? What if these partners were also husbands?
                                                        I don't know, I might just be not up to date with the lore, and I like the idea because it helps fix some things.

                                                        • Bulletproof Diesel
                                                          Bulletproof Diesel  4 hours back

                                                          What is canon?

                                                          • Rxncxer
                                                            Rxncxer  4 hours back

                                                            What about Charlie's brother Sammy?

                                                            • Robin Stawinski
                                                              Robin Stawinski  4 hours back


                                                              • E.T TV
                                                                E.T TV  4 hours back

                                                                MatPat: ..a GAME THEORY

                                                                me: i'm so lost jezus

                                                                • Xtream Gachtuber
                                                                  Xtream Gachtuber  4 hours back

                                                                  I SUPPORT YOU MATPAT!!!!! YOU CAN SOLVE THIS MYSTERY!!!

                                                                  • dead pool
                                                                    dead pool  4 hours back

                                                                    The we dont bite song predicted that that fnaf player wasn't in his own house

                                                                    • doothedew79 0
                                                                      doothedew79 0  4 hours back

                                                                      Wait would've Charlie dies with her brother when he got kidnapped in fredbear's.

                                                                      • mta_guru
                                                                        mta_guru  5 hours back

                                                                        I love your content and I agree with you that I think Fnaf 4 is Henry’s house

                                                                        • chaosmastermind
                                                                          chaosmastermind  5 hours back

                                                                          PLOT TWIST: There is no actual plot to this game and it is just a shitty button pushing jump scare simulator. Everything you've come up with is all made up in your own head, and the details of the game are actually random and inconsequential. DUN DUN DUNNNNN

                                                                          • alexdstark
                                                                            alexdstark  5 hours back

                                                                            @Game Theory
                                                                            No,I understand that you try to find another solution to that,but no - CC (crying child) can't be henry's son - as of logbook,it is established what Mike aka the actual purple guy is the crying child.
                                                                            Also - he is obviously references WA as springtrap That just destroys this theory \-_-/
                                                                            As for the footsteps,I assume it's possible what Help Wanted happened before Midnight Motorists and WA comes back to stalk himself/his son, because he is now a creepy weird (robot?) thingy.
                                                                            Though all this new teasers confuse me, because there isn't really more to solve - pretty much all loose ends are solved...

                                                                            • I MACZ TCB
                                                                              I MACZ TCB  5 hours back

                                                                              18:26 there’s one of those chip on the left side

                                                                              • super foxy gaming and songs

                                                                                Henry and afton are brother

                                                                                • PongoThomas
                                                                                  PongoThomas  5 hours back

                                                                                  Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

                                                                                  New teaser

                                                                                  • mystic doggo poopy puppy

                                                                                    Can you not do minecraft please

                                                                                    • Shadow
                                                                                      Shadow  5 hours back

                                                                                      Ok I’m late to comment and you probably won’t see this, but I heard once that when the details don’t add up, try looking at it in reverse.

                                                                                      • RoseGold Comments
                                                                                        RoseGold Comments  5 hours back

                                                                                        I'd like to mention whether it be Henry or William's son, the boy did, not, go, willingly with Pedo-Hare in midnight motorist. There is no glass on the ground outside his window, it was broken from the outside in.

                                                                                        • George Younger
                                                                                          George Younger  5 hours back


                                                                                          • Bean Films
                                                                                            Bean Films  5 hours back

                                                                                            How do you know it’s a girl’s room?