Carla Makes the Very Best Dark Chocolate Mousse | Bon Appétit

  • Published: 07 December 2016
  • Want to know the key to gravity-defying chocolate mousse with whipped cream?
    Carla's got your back, as long as you promise to keep your chocolate dark. Get the recipe:

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    Carla Makes the Very Best Dark Chocolate Mousse | Bon Appétit
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Comments • 136

  • Andrea Howard
    Andrea Howard  6 days back

    No cooking the eggs??🤢🦠

    • N Noura
      N Noura  1 months back

      is it safe to eat raw eggs?

      • Jennifer Rosenberg
        Jennifer Rosenberg  3 weeks back

        The simple answer is no. The complex answer is that the overall risk is fairly low. In Europe, they vaccinate hens vs. salmonella and it's pretty safe there. Here, I get all my eggs from one known source and we've never had a problem with salmonella and I have a touchy stomach, BUT... the people I get my eggs from have very small flocks and are just selling their surplus, and they're not washed, etc... In any one instance of eating raw eggs in a dish like this, you're unlikely to get sick but it's possible. The fewer the eggs in the dish, the less the risk, so, say a giant eggnog bowl with 2 dozen eggs that's being out at room temp for a while is a higher risk and something like this where it's being chilled and it's smaller quantities, a little lower.

        Something like 1 in every 30,000 eggs is contaminated. Washing the eggs a significant time before using them is more likely to make salmonella numbers in a contaminated egg larger within the egg. This is one of the reasons why I get backyard eggs--they aren't washed, the cuticle is intact, and bacteria from the shell hasn't been driven into the egg. THAT SAID... an infected hen can infect the egg inside the shell.

        Eating raw eggs is probably less risky than driving a car, but still, caution and common sense apply.

    • Shelby-Llyn
      Shelby-Llyn  2 months back

      Carla, you don't know me, but you are a magical human being and I hope you get to live forever.

      • Joe Rodriguez
        Joe Rodriguez  2 months back

        Raw egg? Nasty

        • Moderately Pissed Off
          Moderately Pissed Off  3 months back

          It's funny watching this right after watching the chocolate souffle video. With a little bit of a stretch you could say that mousee is just a raw souffle. :p

          • Daeyoung Ha
            Daeyoung Ha  3 months back

            The background music era BA videos are really... idk. Not much of a sitcom

            • Maximiliano Bratz
              Maximiliano Bratz  4 months back

              it's so annoying that you still use that innaccurate system for quantities...

              • Yuvraj Kote
                Yuvraj Kote  4 months back

                what is tge meaning of ingredients used in choclate.
                ARAXIDA (FRESH ARAPIC).

                • Ivy Kong
                  Ivy Kong  5 months back

                  How long can I store the mousse?

                  • MrGuitarguitarguitar
                    MrGuitarguitarguitar  5 months back

                    This is the exact method I use for Gautau Marcelle, only then you take two thirds of the mouse and cook it in a round cake pan at 180 celsius for aprox 25-35 min, the cake will bulge in the middle, but when you let it cool the bulge will fall and become a crater, in to which you dump the rest of the mouse. Delicious! So neat to see this recipe on BA!

                    • iAmSVD
                      iAmSVD  6 months back

                      Perfectly charismatic presentation even 2 years ago

                      • Batman
                        Batman  7 months back

                        Can Carla be my mom? I don't.... I don't have one

                        • Endia Banana
                          Endia Banana  6 months back

                          I have a mom but I would prefer Carla to my actual mom lol.

                      • houchi69
                        houchi69  7 months back

                        More L words...

                        • Iris Eckelboom
                          Iris Eckelboom  8 months back

                          music was a tad distracting in this one!

                          • Ashoka Ranadheer
                            Ashoka Ranadheer  8 months back

                            how long to set in fridge?

                            • ChelseaH
                              ChelseaH  8 months back

                              Check out that tan Carla!

                              • Sstove Ttop
                                Sstove Ttop  8 months back

                                Any way to do it without eggs? Allergic 🤷🏼‍♀️

                                • Loli
                                  Loli  2 months back

                                  I’ve never tried it but I’ve seen recipes with just chocolate and whipped cream. And I think Nigella Lawson also has one w/o eggs!

                                • Eglantine Lasserre
                                  Eglantine Lasserre  6 months back

                                  Yes, with chickpea water! It's called aquafaba. It can be used as a substitute for egg whites. Look it up :-)

                              • Danny Doyle
                                Danny Doyle  8 months back


                                • Tapiture
                                  Tapiture  9 months back

                                  I make mousse with a culinary N20 whip, so much easier and really delicious

                                  • Prateek Patankar
                                    Prateek Patankar  9 months back

                                    It's a fantastic recipe, but I'm surprised to find that so many people are comfortable with the idea of eating raw eggs.

                                    • Sarah Pithapurwala
                                      Sarah Pithapurwala  5 months back

                                      Traditionally mouse has raw eggs in it

                                    • TrixM
                                      TrixM  8 months back

                                      I'm surprised to find so many people clutching their pearls about "OMG raw eggs" without trying it. It doesn't taste like raw eggs. At all.

                                  • Catrina [Thicc Sister]
                                    Catrina [Thicc Sister]  9 months back

                                    The music told me that this video is old

                                    • Anushka Mehra
                                      Anushka Mehra  10 months back

                                      Sometimes I watch these recipes and wish I wasn't allergic to eggs. I'm missing out on a lot .

                                      • Anushka Mehra
                                        Anushka Mehra  8 months back

                                        @GabrielleduVent hey thanks for the suggestion. Must try it once.

                                      • GabrielleduVent
                                        GabrielleduVent  8 months back

                                        Because the mousse's texture is carried by the whipped egg white, I think you can substitute it with aquafaba (the liquid canned chickpeas are swimming in), with the chocolate mixture's yolks substituted with cream. I don't think it'd taste exactly the same, but I'd guess it'd taste pretty similar.

                                    • BleakCodex
                                      BleakCodex  12 months back

                                      Glad the editing of these videos have gotten better the last year, hard to watch with all the sharp-cuts, constant camera movement, and distracting music.

                                      • Gossymer
                                        Gossymer  8 months back

                                        The sharp cuts were distracting, but if this were the standard longer video format with better segueways, more muted music and some time to pause and listen while the camera pans, it might actually be interesting. I love the above head view of the food in particular and the color range here. The standard format is very food journal-esque which is great for personalities like Brad, Carla et al but is a lot more difficult for newer, less chatty chefs to break out.

                                        I don't always need a lot of talk, sometimes it's nice to get closeups of kitchen techniques or a return to a focus on food visuals. This format in a 6 to 8 minute piece with at least 15 to 20 seconds between cuts might have been a nice counterpoint to the longer videos

                                    • Aerin Humiston
                                      Aerin Humiston  1 years back

                                      Carla looks like she needs a nap. Take care of yourself! Luv ya!

                                      • Boba Love 122
                                        Boba Love 122  1 years back

                                        Looks absolutely delicious. I love a good chocolate mousse. 😋

                                        • Frank-Gavin Moratalla
                                          Frank-Gavin Moratalla  1 years back

                                          I guess this is a vegan
                                          thing to ask, but isn't the
                                          egg raw, technically? 🤢

                                          • TrixM
                                            TrixM  8 months back

                                            YES it's RAW. FFS people. For a vegan option, you could try subbing the egg with whipped aquafaba and add a tiny bit of extra fat - cocoa butter would be perfect, or coconut fat, although that's turning up everywhere and I'm personally sick of it.

                                        • RedOne
                                          RedOne  1 years back

                                          Why cut the chocolate with a serrated knife?

                                          • junbh2
                                            junbh2  8 months back

                                            It cuts it better.

                                        • Heyit'smec
                                          Heyit'smec  1 years back

                                          raw eggs?

                                          • hichkas021
                                            hichkas021  1 years back

                                            it looks great but i cant down the idea of eating raw eggs...anyone know what i can substitute it with?

                                            • Kris Kat
                                              Kris Kat  1 years back

                                              Actually you can make chocolate mousse even just with chocolate and ice water. There are a few videos out there, which show you different techniques.

                                            • hichkas021
                                              hichkas021  1 years back

                                              Thank you!

                                            • April
                                              April  1 years back

                                              hichkas021 you can whip you eggs in a bowl over gentle simmering water. The heat will cook them enough.

                                          • Lorenzo Lopez
                                            Lorenzo Lopez  1 years back

                                            sooo, same way to make the mousse you do with making the chocolate soufflé ?

                                            • Brett Heppes
                                              Brett Heppes  1 years back


                                              • xo xo
                                                xo xo  1 years back

                                                so the rest of egg whites are in?

                                                • Alissa Gardenhire
                                                  Alissa Gardenhire  1 years back

                                                  Raw eggs? Confused.

                                                  • figgettit
                                                    figgettit  1 years back

                                                    so the egg is eaten raw?

                                                    • Raimi Reyes
                                                      Raimi Reyes  1 years back

                                                      she's my fav!!!!

                                                      • Jenna
                                                        Jenna  1 years back

                                                        Never knew there were eggs in mousse! Looks delicious

                                                        • Louis
                                                          Louis  1 years back

                                                          Chocolate, eggs and sugar are the only ingredients you really need for chocolate mousse!

                                                          • TrixM
                                                            TrixM  8 months back

                                                            You don't need sugar either! Chocolate, eggs, rum or coffee or brandy. That's all. Look up Elizabeth David's recipe.

                                                        • Joao Aurelio
                                                          Joao Aurelio  1 years back

                                                          This is the classic way. This is very similar to how i do it, and i'm not even sure where i learned it

                                                          • Littlestraincloud
                                                            Littlestraincloud  1 years back

                                                            you can tell this is an older video because of the music and the editing won't let Claire talk

                                                            • Abaigeal Duda
                                                              Abaigeal Duda  1 years back

                                                              Looks like a nice old-school recipe. I have something similar that I've been using since I first made mousse back in college (ca. 1990 - still works!) What do you think about Heston Blumenthal's chocolate-water mousse?

                                                              • Pokemonster1210
                                                                Pokemonster1210  1 years back

                                                                It has raw egg in it?

                                                              • ya boi scoop
                                                                ya boi scoop  2 years back

                                                                Raw eggs....

                                                                • What
                                                                  What  2 years back

                                                                  is it safe to eat raw eggs like this?

                                                                  • Jennifer Rosenberg
                                                                    Jennifer Rosenberg  3 weeks back

                                                                    @Layla Most eggs in supermarkets in the US are not pasteurized.

                                                                  • Heather A
                                                                    Heather A  12 months back


                                                                  • Layla
                                                                    Layla  1 years back

                                                                    What yes, as long as the egg is pasteurized which most eggs are if they are sold in supermarkets

                                                                • Lygar X
                                                                  Lygar X  2 years back

                                                                  camo wrapping to prevent others from eating the mixture. brilliant

                                                                  • Kimber Lee
                                                                    Kimber Lee  2 years back

                                                                    Who else loves seeing Brad in the background ?

                                                                    • Whatwhat3434
                                                                      Whatwhat3434  2 years back

                                                                      For as much as the BA channel has been swarmed by Brad (because y'all have him say his name a ton / give him some fun edits), videos like these are really great. I hope the channel has success on all fronts!

                                                                      • VanillaCakez
                                                                        VanillaCakez  2 years back

                                                                        She seems fun

                                                                        • Erik Harper
                                                                          Erik Harper  2 years back

                                                                          Her personality is sooooo irritating.

                                                                          • Layla
                                                                            Layla  1 years back

                                                                            Erik Harper then don't watch her videos???