Rashard Higgins | Anatomy of a Player | Cleveland Browns

  • Published: 20 August 2019
  • Browns WR Rashard Higgins is featured in this week's Anatomy of a Player presented by LECOM.

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Comments • 32

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat  4 weeks back


    • JoshuaRyanErwin
      JoshuaRyanErwin  1 months back

      I never pictured myself typing the words "I love Wood".....
      But here we are 🤷‍♂️

      • Evan Crissinger
        Evan Crissinger  1 months back

        You forgot, HIS HEART!

        • Oren Smith
          Oren Smith  1 months back

          Higgins height and arms make him a KEEPER?! ON OUR TEAM FOR A LONG TIME TO COME HOPEFULLY 🙏 TRUE FIIIRE 🔥

          • Benjimayn Vai
            Benjimayn Vai  1 months back

            A Sashi Brown pick.

            • Luc ter Bogt
              Luc ter Bogt  1 months back

              We love Hollywood man

              • Michael Lucas
                Michael Lucas  1 months back

                Marvin Harrison 2.0

                • Shawn David
                  Shawn David  1 months back

                  Those celebrations are pretty dope, if not hilarious. Dude walking the cat walk

                  • GOD
                    GOD  1 months back

                    Is this a Jojo reference?

                    • Matt Carandang '19
                      Matt Carandang '19  1 months back

                      Hollywood lowkey my favorite brown

                      • Edward Gaines
                        Edward Gaines  1 months back

                        Higgins is the one Baker's most comfortable passing to. He is the silent power on the team. Praise him!

                        • Ichthyology Guy
                          Ichthyology Guy  1 months back


                          • Sam Smorcington
                            Sam Smorcington  1 months back

                            A bit cringe, but also unique lol

                            • DammitHopek
                              DammitHopek  1 months back

                              Higgins has really turned himself into a solid NFL WR & I don’t even think he’s reached his potential yet.

                              • D.A.Y
                                D.A.Y  1 months back

                                Not even a Browns fan, but I agree. I think Baker really helped make him a lot better.

                            • Pond hoppers biggest fan Q

                              Favorite player on browns

                              • Teddy Paz
                                Teddy Paz  1 months back

                                0:14 - 0:18
                                Standuser: Higgins
                                Stand : The World

                                • RZFL Sports
                                  RZFL Sports  1 months back

                                  Hollywood 🙌🏼

                                  • magnieto1
                                    magnieto1  1 months back

                                    Him and Baker have a great chemistry. Seems like Hollywood is always catching great passes from Baker.

                                    • Jesse Tumpak
                                      Jesse Tumpak  1 months back


                                      • Jeremy Blaine
                                        Jeremy Blaine  1 months back

                                        We wont be able to RETAIN him Next yr. We cant pay 3 WR over 9+ mill. A yr. Really sucks unless he wants to stay with the team who drafted him and take little discount but that is a PIPE DREAM. ENJOY THIS YR NEXT YR COULD BE A YR WITHOUT 🏈

                                        • Jeremy Blaine
                                          Jeremy Blaine  1 months back

                                          @JoshuaRyanErwin Well I will be Surprised if we have 🏈 next yr. If NLFPA PRESIDENT GETS HIS WAY THERE WILL BE NO 🏈 NEXT YR.
                                          We should 👀 a Huge 💰 in Cap so I really I'm not worrying too much about it. Winning does things for certain players.. I'm gonna sit back enjoy this yr.

                                        • JoshuaRyanErwin
                                          JoshuaRyanErwin  1 months back

                                          @UCT58V-vIPBgUvnEu3vlYOeQ I hope they click, too. Because if they do they'll be a whole lot of fun to watch! Lord knows we've been put through it the last 20 years so it'll be nice not having our hearts broken every Sunday for a change.
                                          Yes, that's exactly why Dorsey made those moves. He knows that in 3 more years Baker's rookie contract will be up, along side Denzel Ward and Nick Chubb. There's gonna be a lot of big contracts to pay out. But I agree with you, that would be really awesome if some of the guys would take pay cuts to keep as much of this squad intact for as long as possible! We can dream, I guess lol 🤞

                                        • JoshuaRyanErwin
                                          JoshuaRyanErwin  1 months back

                                          Sadly, that's my biggest fear with the lineup we have and all the young up and coming talent that's gonna have to be paid once their rookie contracts are up. There's no way we'll be able to sustain this roster for more than a few years. That's why we're in "win now" mode. Honestly, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy every moment with this squad because I highly doubt we'll ever see another one with so much talent on both sides of the ball again after this..... here we go Brownies, here we go!

                                        • Edward Gaines
                                          Edward Gaines  1 months back

                                          Every Jock thinks he deserves a legacy. The smart wisdom is to take the pay cut to stay on the Baker train. Remember Delly from the Cavs? He left for more money, only to come back to the Cavs again *after* LeBron left! WTF?! Had Delly stayed, maybe the Cavs would've repeated.

                                          Remember Alex Mack our old center? Granted the Browns were a shitshow, but he left for the Falcons only to lose in the Super Bowl. Had he stuck it out, he might 've been on the Baker train today. I know people can't see the future, but sometimes patience is rewarded.

                                      • William Smith
                                        William Smith  1 months back

                                        Yeah, I'm gonna need the other 52 of these by the end of the year.

                                        • D Mor
                                          D Mor  1 months back

                                          hollywood higgins! red carpet walk will be in full effect this season

                                          • Andre Matthews
                                            Andre Matthews  1 months back

                                            0:15 - 0:19

                                            I didn’t know Hollywood had The World as his stand

                                            • Lo 1X
                                              Lo 1X  1 months back

                                              His route running is next level plus he got strong hands

                                              • TABITHA MAAS
                                                TABITHA MAAS  1 months back

                                                Hollywood baby

                                                • TJ110
                                                  TJ110  1 months back

                                                  Bringing back these lit videos 😈😈😈🔥 lets to Browns.

                                                  • Matt o
                                                    Matt o  1 months back

                                                    Go Browns! Go Higgins!