• Published: 18 July 2019
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  • Happy Frog
    Happy Frog  4 weeks back

    My way:
    Episode 1: Liza 💀
    Episode 2: Timothy VS Gabbie = Tim 💀
    Episode 3: Colleen VS Rosanna = Colleen 💀
    Episode 4: Alex VS Destorm = Destorm 💀
    Episode 5: Tana VS Justine = Both 💀
    Episode 6: Alex and MatPat VS Bretman and Nikita = Alex 💀
    Episode 7: Bretman VS Joey = No one
    Episode 8: Alex 😇, Bretman VS Gabbie VS Rosanna = Bretman 💀
    Episode 9: Joey VS Gabbie = Joey 💀
    Episode 10: Alex,Rosanna and Gabbie win.

    • Sofia Carson
      Sofia Carson  4 weeks back

      Nikita is the best soviver

        LINDSAY GAULTON  4 weeks back

        wow you killed my fav first :( sorry i hate this

        • Janmichael Tercero
          Janmichael Tercero  1 months back

          Colleens face is everything

          • Joel Hasette
            Joel Hasette  1 months back

            What rosanna she is a 😇😇😇😇😇🥺🥺🥺

            • Kevin Nguyen
              Kevin Nguyen  1 months back

              my way: IK WHO SURVIVED DONT CONE @ ME

              Spoiler Warning if this spoils anything from the actual ETN.

              Episode 1: Liza dies and everyone is freed.
              Episode 2: Alex and Tim get voted in and even though Tim almost wins, Alex beats him and Tim dies.
              Episode 3: Tana and Destorm end up with the least coins and Destorm quickly beats Tana.
              Tana dies.
              Episode 4: Alex and Bretman go into the challenge because Alex was a big target and Bretman was voted by 1-2 people. Bretman loses but was very close. Before the emperor kills Bretman, the rebels kill him (Ro was wife btw) No one dies.
              Episode 5: Gabbie and Bretman are cursed but Gabbie and Colleen go into the challenge. Colleen quickly solves her’s and she rushes to the tears to become King. Gabbie asks for help but the Black Knight comes out. Before Colleen can kill him, he kills Gabbie. Then, Colleen and the Black Knight have the sword fight but COLLEEN is killed too!! This is when Joey gets the sword and kills him.
              Episode 6: The garçon is back and so are Nikita and Mat. Their cards are there too.
              Here’s the voting:
              Joey: himself
              Alex: Rosanna
              Justine: Nikita
              Destorm: Alex
              Rosanna: Destorm
              Nikita: Alex
              Mat: Destorm
              Bretman: Rosanna
              Rosanna and Destorm go into the challenge and Rosanna picks Mat as a partner while Destorm picks Alex. (Ik alex wasn’t a GA..)
              Mat quickly gathers them up but Ro is confused as to how to build it. Alex gathers them soon after and Destorm also gets kinda confused. Mat is trying to help Ro but she is stressed!! Destorm finishes it and the minotaur kills Ro!! 😭😭 (DON’T STOP READING YET!)
              Episode 7: They vote themselves again but 3 people go in. Justine already has a vote for her. The results: Alex, Joey, and Nikita
              Nikita’s Story: Bretman
              Joey’s Story: Justine and Mat
              Alex’s Story: Destorm
              The lady puts down the other girls name and no one dies! But their is a twist! 3 wishes from the genie!!
              Episode 8: Alex chooses to revive Tana, Joey revives Rosanna, and Nikita revives Colleen (so she’s not upset abt what hap. in Everlock)
              Then, Nikita, Colleen, Justine, and Rosanna get rings.
              In the challenge are: Alex, Bretman, Destorm, Joey, Tana, and Mat! Bretman finishes first, then Mat, then Joey, Alex, Tana and last is Destorm by a little bit..
              Episode 9: Here are the votes
              Alex: Rosanna
              Joey: Rosanna
              Rosanna: Bretman
              Colleen: Tana
              Tana: Bretman
              Justine: Tana
              Mat: Alex
              Nikita: Alex
              Bretman: Colleen
              In the challenge are: Rosanna and Tana
              Rosanna finds almost everything but the eyeball. Tana finds one thing.
              Rosanna wins and Tana dies.
              Nikita and May also fade.
              Episode 10: There is the last challenge.. The Collector’s challenge!! They must vote AGAIN!!
              Alex: Bretman
              Joey: Justine
              Rosanna: Alex
              Colleen: Alex
              Bretman: Alex
              Justine: Joey
              Justine and Bretman go in!
              Bretman beats Justine and she dies!
              But the Collector kills Bretman too!! (the twist) Joey, Colleen, Alex, and Rosanna kill the Collector but the Sorceress stops them from leaving. She traps them in the exhibit of all the past eras and they must escape. Alex is captured by the Vampire and Colleen is captured by the Clown. Rosanna and Joey work together to free Colleen but Alex is taken into the Soul Jar room and tied up. After solving many riddles, they free Alex. Then, they finally steal back the Collector’s key from the Sorceress. They get the sphere and the box. they use the sphere to get out but Joey runs away to the Pandora’s Box and is sucked into it.


              • NAMES ARE FOR NOOBS
                NAMES ARE FOR NOOBS  2 months back

                omg can I just say Matt, Joey, and Colleen's faces are adorable. also, u made everything a lot more confusing than it should've been

                • Kyle Mumby
                  Kyle Mumby  2 months back

                  Sorry to tell you but you missed Liza Koshy out shes at the bottom

                  • Gabriel Studios
                    Gabriel Studios  2 months back

                    I personally think Gabbie would’ve revived Tana, but okay....

                    • Gabriel Studios
                      Gabriel Studios  2 months back

                      My way
                      Episode 1: Liza frees the jar of souls and finds Joey and bretman, she is able to get through the portal before it closes and is saved
                      Liza survives from the first episode lol
                      They get the guests, but the portal has disappeared by then
                      Episode 2:
                      Timothy vs Justine
                      Tim dies
                      Episode 3: Justine vs Rosanna
                      They decide to help each other, Rosanna wins and Justine is *actually* torn to pieces and not hit with a stick
                      Episode 4: Alex vs destorm
                      (Colleen is made queen)
                      Destorm doesn’t sacrifice himself and Alex dies
                      Episode 5:
                      Rosanna vs Gabbie
                      Gabbie is able to solve one
                      Rosanna also solves one
                      The green thing breaks before they can finish and Rosanna dies, but Merlin is able to save Gabbie before she dies, so she lives
                      Episode 6:
                      Gabbie (Mat) vs Tana (Nikita)
                      Nikita cheats and Gabbie dies, but Nikita’s magic fades because she literally did the opposite of what her mission was, matpat stays because he ain’t trying to murder anybody
                      Episode 7:
                      Tana vs Joey (Took Colleen’s place)
                      Colleen, matpat, and bretman vote for joeys story to win
                      Destorm Votes for Tana’s
                      Sheharazarde (idfk) writes down tana’s name, but Fatima kills her (the story lady) as well, Tana sadly still dies
                      Destorm wants to revive Gabbie
                      Bretman wants to revive Tana
                      Colleen wants to revive Gabbie
                      Joey wants to revive Tana
                      They vote using voting cards and Gabbie is pulled
                      They revive Gabbie
                      Matpat’s magic fades, he is happy, knowing he was able to help get someone back, but also worried for them
                      Episode 8: Gabbie and Colleen get the rings
                      Destorm finishes first
                      Joey gets there right before bretman, so bretman gets shot
                      Episode 9:
                      Gabbie vs Colleen
                      Gabbie wins, and Colleen dies
                      Episode 10: They release the souls and they appear back in their bodies, they get Jesse, Lauren, Manny through the portal
                      (They get bretman back because he appears in the YT exhibit since he wasn’t really dead before) and he also goes through
                      Safiya sees Joey going towards the lounge, they call his name but he doesn’t answer, the portal starts closing, so Shane, Safiya, Destorm, and Gabbie are forced to go through, Joey gets yeeted into Pandora’s box the end
                      Survivors: Destorm, Bretman, Gabbie, Shane, Safiya, Jesse, Lauren, Manny, And Liza
                      Lmao that’s a lot of survivors

                      • Darknite _Gaming
                        Darknite _Gaming  2 months back

                        Look at how Matt and Nikita's looking at liza also i love joey's face lol

                        • Wesley Lubian
                          Wesley Lubian  2 months back

                          I’m so confused there’s no emoji legend ;-;

                          • Wesley Lubian
                            Wesley Lubian  2 months back

                            Out of 12 of them Alex had to die first?!

                            • IICrazyBunnyII
                              IICrazyBunnyII  2 months back

                              Alex dying first I hate this already

                              • Xaviertheyouteubr Soupier


                                • Ruel Capucao
                                  Ruel Capucao  2 months back

                                  Liza ded

                                  DeStorm vs Gabbie

                                  Justine vs DeStorm

                                  Tana vs Tim

                                  Tana vs Justine
                                  Justine and Tana☠️

                                  Mat&Nikita are here!!!
                                  Joey vs Colleen
                                  Colleen☠️&Mat's magic fades

                                  Ep7-death votes
                                  Ro vs Alex
                                  No death but...Nikita's magic fades!!!

                                  Ep7-revival votes
                                  Joey tells the genie that he wants to revive ######

                                  Gabbie is back!!!
                                  Ro and Gabbie get the rings so they dont go in the challenge!
                                  Alex,Bret and Joey in the challenge!

                                  Ep 9
                                  Girls are forced to fight the raptors:(

                                  They use the cosmic sphere and revive ALL the dead guests and get to the portal then...
                                  Alex and Ro survive but Joey get turned to ashes&dust!!!:)

                                  • Emmanuel Novoa
                                    Emmanuel Novoa  2 months back

                                    But let me tell you that ETN there will always be 2 Male Survivors and 1 Female (1st Male is obviously Joey), and sadly it cant be 2 Females.

                                    • Emmanuel Novoa
                                      Emmanuel Novoa  2 months back

                                      Me when I see Alex dies first: *Somethings wrong, I can feel it.*

                                      • ROHAN Macalintal
                                        ROHAN Macalintal  2 months back

                                        I kind of don't get why everyone chooses Tim to die first

                                        • NhINo CoOl
                                          NhINo CoOl  2 months back

                                          This took 5 minutes and I'm mad

                                        • Adam Kennedy Minoza
                                          Adam Kennedy Minoza  2 months back

                                          Rosanna didn’t Do something bad!
                                          Rosanna should be sent in Heaven! >:[

                                          • Kartoffel
                                            Kartoffel   2 months back

                                            yeah uhm, I revived her-

                                        • SuperMinecraftBro
                                          SuperMinecraftBro  2 months back

                                          what does the zip emoji mean

                                        • bts meme
                                          bts meme  2 months back

                                          *colleens face is everything*

                                          • DiscoDancerEdits
                                            DiscoDancerEdits  2 months back

                                            Colleens face is a mood

                                            • Luca_Slays123 I know
                                              Luca_Slays123 I know  2 months back

                                              Be real girl do you think any kinda death would fit bretman

                                              • james moyer
                                                james moyer  2 months back

                                                The glass box is not true this is the true death order
                                                1.justine got choked by the mummy.
                                                2.timothy got beaten and sliced to death by the garden
                                                3.Destorm got impaled on a Katana by the Chinese emperor
                                                4.Tana got impaled on a sword by the black knight.
                                                5.Gabbie also got impaled by the same guy at almost the same time.
                                                6.Colleen gets crushed by the Minotaur but she gets revived in episode 8.
                                                Episode 7 no one dies.
                                                7.Alex gets shot twice in the chest by the pirates, this is the episode where Colleen gets revived.
                                                8.rosanna gets devoured by dinosaurs.
                                                9.joey turns to death and gets trapped in the Pandora's box.
                                                10.Colleen and Bretman survive💖💖

                                                • Josh Tenold
                                                  Josh Tenold  2 months back

                                                  I think gabbie would bring back tana/alex

                                                  • escape the night fan
                                                    escape the night fan  2 months back

                                                    My way
                                                    Ep1: nobody
                                                    Ep2: Justine vs. Tana= Justine
                                                    Ep3: Alex vs. Gabbie= Alex
                                                    Ep4: Tim vs. Destorm= Destorm
                                                    Ep5: nobody
                                                    Ep6: Colleen vs. Tim= Tim
                                                    Ep7: Rosanna vs. Bretman= Rosanna
                                                    Ep8: Bretman vs. Joey vs. Gabbie= Gabbie
                                                    Ep9: Joey vs. Tana= Joey
                                                    Ep10: Nobody
                                                    Bretman, Tana, and Colleen escape.

                                                    • Naomi garcia
                                                      Naomi garcia  2 months back

                                                      What do you mean alex got sent to the underworld

                                                      • Quantum Production Studios

                                                        Atleasr DeStorm made it to episode Nine :(

                                                        • Rosanna Pansino is the baking god

                                                          2:08 WHY YOU KILL ROSANNA?!?

                                                          • Queila Da Silva Robertson

                                                            WHY ALEX NO

                                                            • Emily Hardesty
                                                              Emily Hardesty  3 months back

                                                              Could you do etn 5? Like just pick ppl you’d want in the season or something

                                                              • Monica Ocanas
                                                                Monica Ocanas  3 months back

                                                                Ep 1:None Ep 2:Destrom Ep 3:Justine ep 4:Tim Ep 5:Alex and Ro :c Ep 6:Tana Ep 7:NONE AnD tana is back ;) Ep 8:Colleen Ep 9:Gabbie

                                                                • Xavier Stevenson
                                                                  Xavier Stevenson  3 months back

                                                                  This is my death order with my own episode names :)
                                                                  The Sun God: Nikita and Timothy go into the challenge. Nikita wins and Timothy is killed by Sunlight from Anubis. 1st Death- Timothy DeLaGhetto
                                                                  The Puzzle and Pieces: Colleen and Bretman go into the challenge. Colleen wins and Bretman throat is slit open. 2nd Death- Bretman Rock
                                                                  The Everlasting Night: Tana and Gabbie go into the challenge. Tana wins and Gabbie is slashed with a giant sword. 3rd Death- Gabbie Hanna
                                                                  The Prehistoric Evil: Justine and DeStorm go into the challenge. Justine wins and DeStorm is eaten by a pack of wild wolves. 4th Death- DeStorm Power
                                                                  The Halloween Trick Or Treat: Nikita and Joey go into the challenge. Joey wins and Nikita is split in the head with a pig spliter. 5th Death- Nikita Dragun
                                                                  The Escape The Night: Tana and Justine go into the challenge. Justine wins and Tana is stabbed in the chest with a machete. 6th Death- Tana Mongeau
                                                                  The Sunlight Shine: Alex and MatPat go into the challenge. MatPat wins and Alex is turned into dust. 7th Death- Alex Wassabi
                                                                  The Electrocution Test: Rosanna and MatPat go into the challenge. Rosanna chooses Colleen and MatPat chooses Joey. Colleen wins and MatPat is electrocuted. 8th Death- MatPat
                                                                  The Final Death: Colleen and Justine go into the challenge. Colleen chooses Joey and Justine chooses Rosanna. Rosanna and Joey tie saving both of them.

                                                                  Survivors: Justine Erazik, Colleen Ballinger, Rosanna Pansino and Joey Graceffa

                                                                  • ItztheLuke 11
                                                                    ItztheLuke 11  3 months back

                                                                    Colleen and joeys faces though

                                                                    • Joshua Purugganan
                                                                      Joshua Purugganan  3 months back

                                                                      My own way
                                                                      (I include matt nikita and liza)
                                                                      Episode 1
                                                                      (To break joey's friends one must go back to the normal world)
                                                                      *matthew volunteer*

                                                                      Episode 2
                                                                      Tim and colleen was voted
                                                                      *tim dies*

                                                                      Episode 3
                                                                      (Gabbie and Justine has lowest coins)
                                                                      *justine dies*

                                                                      Episode 4
                                                                      (Tana got married she is save)
                                                                      (Destorm and bretman was voted)
                                                                      *destorm dies*

                                                                      Episode 5
                                                                      (Nikita and colleen was voted)
                                                                      *BOTH DIES*

                                                                      Episode 6
                                                                      (Liza and bretman was voted)
                                                                      (Alex and ro helpers)
                                                                      *bretman dies*

                                                                      Episode 7
                                                                      (Joey and tana was voted)
                                                                      *tana dies*
                                                                      (Colleen gets revived)

                                                                      Episode 8
                                                                      (Joey gabbie and liza was voted)
                                                                      *gabbie dies*

                                                                      Episode 9
                                                                      (Alex ro and colleen was voted)
                                                                      *ro dies*

                                                                      Episode 10
                                                                      (Joey dies)

                                                                      Colleen alex and liza

                                                                      • Sophie Saroya
                                                                        Sophie Saroya  3 months back

                                                                        The boxes break in death order

                                                                        • Sophie Saroya
                                                                          Sophie Saroya  3 months back

                                                                          My favourite are Alex Tim and destorm

                                                                          • xX-Wolfe GachaGamer-Xx
                                                                            xX-Wolfe GachaGamer-Xx  3 months back

                                                                            Did I put bretman in hell cause he gay ?.? 😾

                                                                          • Keidan Chuggsters
                                                                            Keidan Chuggsters  3 months back

                                                                            I have to stare at Joey screaming in my face the whole time

                                                                            • Sarah
                                                                              Sarah  3 months back

                                                                              ESCAPE THE NIGHT SEASON 4 MY WAY
                                                                              episode one: Liza's soul gets taken
                                                                              episode 2: DeStorm and Gabbie get voted in
                                                                              Death: Destorm
                                                                              episode 3: Tim and Tana get voted in
                                                                              Death: Tim
                                                                              episode 4: Alex and Justine get voted in
                                                                              Death: Justine
                                                                              episode 5: Gabbie and Bretman get voted in
                                                                              Death: Gabbie
                                                                              episode 6: Joey and Collen
                                                                              Death: Collen (ofc Joey always lives)
                                                                              Episode 7: Tana and Bretman get voted in
                                                                              Death: Bretman
                                                                              Episode 7 REVIVAL: Collen
                                                                              Episode 8: Alex and Collen
                                                                              Death: Alex
                                                                              Episode 8 They find a gem and bring back people: Justine Gabbie Bretman and Alex
                                                                              Episode 9: Gabbie and Tana get voted in
                                                                              Death: Gabbie
                                                                              Episode 10: Rosanna and Collen get voted in
                                                                              Death: Collen
                                                                              Episode 10: Find a way to destroy the Collecter and get everyone back except: Collen Gabbie and Tim
                                                                              WINNERS OF ESCAPE THE NIGHT SEASON 4 MY WAY: Everyone who died in season 1, 2, and 3. FROM SEASON 4 EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR: Collen, Gabbie, and Tim.

                                                                              • TheCartoonGuy !
                                                                                TheCartoonGuy !  3 months back

                                                                                I kind of like the survivors,

                                                                                “They could start an all girls band”

                                                                                • Clumsy Wizard
                                                                                  Clumsy Wizard  3 months back

                                                                                  My way
                                                                                  Ep1: Nobody
                                                                                  Ep2: Tim
                                                                                  Ep3: Justine
                                                                                  Ep4: Alex
                                                                                  Ep5: Nobody
                                                                                  Ep6: Tana
                                                                                  Ep7: Gabbie
                                                                                  Ep8: Destorm
                                                                                  Ep9: Joey
                                                                                  Ep10: Nobody
                                                                                  Survivors: Bretman, Ro, and Colleen.

                                                                                  • Bivbiv and Marsh
                                                                                    Bivbiv and Marsh  3 months back

                                                                                    Ep2. Colleen
                                                                                    Ep3. Destorm
                                                                                    Ep4. Bretman
                                                                                    Ep5. Joey
                                                                                    Ep6. No One
                                                                                    Ep7. Tim
                                                                                    Ep8. Alex
                                                                                    Ep9. Justine
                                                                                    Survivors are Ro, Gabbie, and Tana

                                                                                    • STRXWBURRY SHXKE
                                                                                      STRXWBURRY SHXKE  3 months back

                                                                                      My way
                                                                                      Ep1: No one
                                                                                      Ep2: Tim
                                                                                      Ep3: Destorm
                                                                                      Ep4: Tana
                                                                                      Ep5: No one
                                                                                      Ep6: Alex
                                                                                      Ep7: Justine
                                                                                      Ep8: Ro
                                                                                      Ep9: Joey
                                                                                      Ep10: No one
                                                                                      Survivors: Colleen, Gabbie, and Bretman.

                                                                                      • Jinxer Gamer
                                                                                        Jinxer Gamer  3 months back

                                                                                        I think the jarmust be destroyed since it might bring back all the friends from season 1 to 3

                                                                                        • OGMR_T Fortnite
                                                                                          OGMR_T Fortnite  3 months back