FINDING SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL to Hacker PZ9 Safe House & Getting Locked Inside for 24 Hours

  • Published: 11 August 2019

    After Chad Wild Clay made TWIN HACKERS? I Disguise as Hacker PZ9 & Regina Pretends to be PZ2 Undercover - Life Swap Challenge, Vy Qwaint created WE TRICKED PZ9 to REVEAL HIS NAME & IDENTITY - Vy & Daniel Undercover in Disguise Spy Gadgets Vlog and Daniel uploaded PZ9 is ANGRY at ME over NAME REVEAL - REGINA & DANIEL Spying on Hacker for 24 Hour Challenge on the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel,, ex Project Zorgo member, PZ9 discovered the location of our spy ninja safe house by following our friend Dax. He claims he will tell the hacker group where we live unless we complete a bunch of challenges like Whatever You Draw I'll Buy It or Last To Leave games. Since he betrayed the PZ members, we have a plan to go on a mission adventure to figure out and real his name and face! We found out his name is Melvin! However, he still revealed our safe house address to hacker PZ2. Vy Qwaint goes on a solo mission to retrieve the important information from PZ2 before he reveals it to Project Zorgo leader. Regina goes on a mission to follow PZ9 and he almost does a face reveal! She finds out his safe house address and Vy is able to sneak into a PZ meeting and switch the spy ninjas safe house with PZ9's safe house. Regina asks for a tour of PZ9's safe house but he traps her in an empty room! Where are the video games? At least let her do some gameplay of Minecraft or Fortnite. Hopefully, Regina is able to escape. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint   1 weeks back

    I need to stop Project Zorgo from getting the Safe House address! And what happened to Regina?

  • Ryan Ridge
    Ryan Ridge  5 hours back

    You are my favorite vy❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • chloe aitken
      chloe aitken  8 hours back

      hackers are so mean and bume

      • chloe aitken
        chloe aitken  8 hours back

        i love your vids

        • charli hoban
          charli hoban  9 hours back

          im a spy ninja

          • Vinze Canoy
            Vinze Canoy  12 hours back


            • LEO LESLIE
              LEO LESLIE  12 hours back


              • Jhirodvhhv Tadeo
                Jhirodvhhv Tadeo  12 hours back

                The spyninja team daniel regina chad vy and project zorgo team pz9 pz301

                • KRIBSTER 2
                  KRIBSTER 2  14 hours back

                  7:58 see his eyes

                  • Your Karma
                    Your Karma  15 hours back

                    So pz9 is stove because his eyes in the other video check that

                    • Girlie Grace Abraham
                      Girlie Grace Abraham  16 hours back


                      • Ella G
                        Ella G  16 hours back

                        Magic circle leader is not really made up who is it really fire from Lorraine Lawson

                        • Julie Wagner
                          Julie Wagner  16 hours back

                          I went to the Luxor and I saw a hacker and it didn’t look happy

                          • Julie Wagner
                            Julie Wagner  16 hours back

                            The picture looks like Chad or stove or carter sharer

                            • TyShaunda Jennings
                              TyShaunda Jennings  17 hours back

                              that picute is pz9s family

                              • zacherzach
                                zacherzach  17 hours back

                                what the heck project zorgo

                                • Michael Colarte
                                  Michael Colarte  18 hours back

                                  hi vy pz48 made a love song for you

                                  • LittleMonkey1738 DIsai
                                    LittleMonkey1738 DIsai  18 hours back

                                    Project zogo's real name is Jamie

                                    • abe abe
                                      abe abe  19 hours back

                                      Tell Regina to make a new video

                                      • Mubarak Describe
                                        Mubarak Describe  19 hours back

                                        PESI 9p Z9 I know pinion knighted name is moving CWC this by ninjas I'm your biggest friend is mbark

                                        • Kevin Martin
                                          Kevin Martin  19 hours back

                                          I download the spy ninjas Network

                                          • Blanca Sanchez
                                            Blanca Sanchez  21 hours back

                                            Come outside red rope and there is a big 🌲 and there is a blue sign.

                                            • Kevin Martin
                                              Kevin Martin  22 hours back

                                              This is how many spy ninjas are in the world

                                              • Gamer Boy
                                                Gamer Boy  22 hours back

                                                Is it the panic by the disco guy

                                                • MimozaLeon
                                                  MimozaLeon  22 hours back

                                                  The project zorgo leader is subzeroextrabyte

                                                  • Omar Alateibi
                                                    Omar Alateibi  24 hours back

                                                    I m with special

                                                    • Omar Alateibi
                                                      Omar Alateibi  24 hours back

                                                      I love you vy so much

                                                      • Kathryn Faulder
                                                        Kathryn Faulder  1 days back

                                                        Can l gone you

                                                        • Hayley Burton
                                                          Hayley Burton  1 days back

                                                          It is ok vy because I had to go through pain with my earrings

                                                          • Mariano Marcuzzi
                                                            Mariano Marcuzzi  1 days back


                                                            • Mariano Marcuzzi
                                                              Mariano Marcuzzi  1 days back


                                                              • liam fussell
                                                                liam fussell  1 days back

                                                                😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hey ps9 you fell

                                                                • Michelle Maitlabn
                                                                  Michelle Maitlabn  1 days back

                                                                  I’m sorry fella for Jena because I just did it so funny when you get trapped and you’re so clumsy

                                                                  • Daniel Walters
                                                                    Daniel Walters  1 days back

                                                                    The you're the best

                                                                    • Michelle Maitlabn
                                                                      Michelle Maitlabn  1 days back


                                                                      • Montana Horsten
                                                                        Montana Horsten  1 days back

                                                                        OMG SPY NINGA INGERY ALERT .1LIKE TO HELP VY

                                                                        • Lisa Taylor
                                                                          Lisa Taylor  1 days back

                                                                          I love you chad and vy 💗💗💋💋

                                                                          • Lisa Bevan
                                                                            Lisa Bevan  1 days back

                                                                            Reginer pz9 name is malvin oh yeah and I can h...i am the new pz...

                                                                            • Aaron Seguin
                                                                              Aaron Seguin  1 days back

                                                                              can you do a try not to get of in the chad end Daniel only cost sorry I can't chat he's name sorry soooo much

                                                                              • Alexandra Parkes
                                                                                Alexandra Parkes  1 days back

                                                                                we will track all hackers down

                                                                                • Alexandra Parkes
                                                                                  Alexandra Parkes  1 days back

                                                                                  we will track pz9 down vy

                                                                                  • jojothe gamerboy
                                                                                    jojothe gamerboy  1 days back

                                                                                    The picture was a person I put slow motion on

                                                                                    • German Shepherd
                                                                                      German Shepherd  1 days back


                                                                                      • German Shepherd
                                                                                        German Shepherd  1 days back

                                                                                        O no I need help

                                                                                        • mizzpurrfect12
                                                                                          mizzpurrfect12  2 days back

                                                                                          Really don’t want me coming to get into it and I wanna have a great time

                                                                                          • chicken lobster34
                                                                                            chicken lobster34  2 days back

                                                                                            Hy-Vee I forgot about you a Porten question and you are my brothers keeper screen team I’m sorry my brother can you tell Regina video because actually everybody’s video right now do not do no videos I forgot about all your videos I feel OK I was going to say sorry so sorry can you tell this to Chad and Daniel new videos and I favorite

                                                                                            • JC Trebillo
                                                                                              JC Trebillo  2 days back


                                                                                              • gil martinez
                                                                                                gil martinez  2 days back

                                                                                                The duxjfixjfixhcfgddy xhduzhxgsuxgxydgrsydhx ji is a source of the kids 12th dyau2iz