• Published: 30 November 2019
  • I customized this car and patiently waited for it for about 7 months and its finally here!! There's practically every upgraded option on the car that you could think of. I wanted a fully maxed out Lamborghini SSUV. It's one of the priciest Lamborghini Urus's out on the road. I LOVE it! I wouldn't change any color or anything about it!

    Logan had nothing to do with this purchase, I bought this car on my own!

    Hope you enjoyed the vlog. Most of you are going to be mad.
    - "WHY YELLOW??"
    - "Ew that car is UGLY"
    - "The yellow is alright but YELLOW INTERIOR TOO???"
    - "should have bought a GTR or Tesla" (I see that comment a lot for some reason lmao)

    I'm extremely happy with it, I'm sorry if it upsets you. See ya tomorrow :)

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  • NotAMaster
    NotAMaster  1 weeks back

    0:00 ima tell my kids this was ricegum

    • Nicole Campbell
      Nicole Campbell  20 hours back

      I’m just going back into our

    • Cat Boi
      Cat Boi  2 days back

      @Gregory Amicar 57 DA he'll how u do dat

    • Gregory Amicar 57
      Gregory Amicar 57  2 days back


    • Mikel Winchester
      Mikel Winchester  2 days back

      @Jeanne Moore WTF!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Gregory Amicar 57
      Gregory Amicar 57  2 days back

      Aw come on. I could have said that. But don't worry there's still hope!

  • Turtle Snake
    Turtle Snake  10 minutes back

    SuperMarioLogan was created 12 years ago today

    • Minecraft Loser
      Minecraft Loser  2 hours back

      Logan is in Florida
      I’m in AUSTRAILA

    • Nova
      Nova  3 hours back

      Chilly flex outside
      Chilly flex outside
      She has all the French fries

      • zeke hart
        zeke hart  4 hours back

        tito live outside tito live outside he needs some french fries

        • DANG EXTRAS 89
          DANG EXTRAS 89  4 hours back

          If chilly didn’t know Logan she wouldn’t of have expenseiv things

          • Prodigy XV
            Prodigy XV  4 hours back

            Toys r us reopend

            • ShinyMetalhunter64
              ShinyMetalhunter64  4 hours back

              Something tells me the SuperMarioLogan Movie is not gonna come true

              • Joshua Zapresko
                Joshua Zapresko  4 hours back

                It has been a whole week! Ur not even trying anymore!

                • thetrans
                  thetrans  5 hours back

                  You fucking gold digger you bought another fucking Lamborghini because you got bored of your other one and then you make a excuse saying you bought it almost a year ago your probably only dating Logan for stuff because you dumped him and came back for him and started dating him again because he had a new car all you ever do is try to flex and then you say that your not flexing but you try to show everything new that you got and instead of parking your car in the garage you keep the car outside to flex to be honest you wouldn't even be the person you are if you never dated Logan

                  • thetrans
                    thetrans  5 hours back

                    Chilly I like your vids but you flex to much and show us stuff you have that you bought with Logan's money if you didn't vlog (which you barely do) and have a whole bunch of money you wouldn't be the cocky ass hole that you are now.

                • Jose Partida
                  Jose Partida  5 hours back

                  When is the sml movie

                  • Andre_ the Pro
                    Andre_ the Pro  6 hours back

                    Chilly why u not making vids every day

                    • B-Dog Melons
                      B-Dog Melons  6 hours back

                      When’s the next vlog u broke your promise

                      • key Perry
                        key Perry  6 hours back


                        • key Perry
                          key Perry  6 hours back

                          We do

                          • key Perry
                            key Perry  6 hours back

                            Chef pee pee pt 7 we need it

                            • Jeff French
                              Jeff French  6 hours back

                              Logan are you gay

                              • Lil Sus
                                Lil Sus  7 hours back

                                So y’all are able to have damn near five cars (3 lambos), a nice ass house, and still have the audacity to claim that you are running out of money. This is some shameful shit

                                • JazRo Art
                                  JazRo Art  5 hours back

                                  Lil Sus you do know that he cares about his fans too right? Many YouTubers literally shut down their fans, hardly interact with them, yet have mansions with 10 cars, yet it’s okay to praise them? But Logan literally ALLOWS his fans to go to his literal house and meet him. I understand many think he’s money hungry and I sometimes think that, but the more I looked into it, it’s because YouTube is not a safe place for him and they can easily terminate his channel because of how messed up this site is at the moment. He needs as much money as he can get.

                                • Nick
                                  Nick  5 hours back

                                  I mean, he is kinda right

                                • Lil Sus
                                  Lil Sus  6 hours back

                                  JazRo Art doesn’t change the fact that they have 5 cars for some reason, and the fact that Logan is selling a Jeffy puppet for 75 fucking dollars shows how money hungry he is

                                • JazRo Art
                                  JazRo Art  6 hours back

                                  And she ordered the car 7 months ago.

                                • JazRo Art
                                  JazRo Art  6 hours back

                                  They don’t say that anymore

                              • EXEGd COPOPRO
                                EXEGd COPOPRO  7 hours back

                                BTW my birthday in December 10

                                • EXEGd COPOPRO
                                  EXEGd COPOPRO  7 hours back

                                  Chilly why haven't you post a video wtf

                                  • Kyle Pind
                                    Kyle Pind  8 hours back

                                    When do we see a new video at has been a 1 week since you uploaded Chilly

                                    • Gail Samsin
                                      Gail Samsin  8 hours back

                                      My name is Jaden Show videos and I’m a YouTuber and my grandma is in Florida and I showed you tubers and my friend and I do a lot of stuff in my YouTube videos and I’m sure my YouTube videos with my friends in it and my girlfriend Skyler that’s her name

                                      • Gail Samsin
                                        Gail Samsin  8 hours back

                                        Do you are you show a lot of videos and show videos on my girlfriend to

                                        • Gail Samsin
                                          Gail Samsin  8 hours back

                                          We so now it’s a mistake we show a lot of videos and I show videos of my friends and my girlfriend to her name is Skyler

                                      • Gail Samsin
                                        Gail Samsin  8 hours back

                                        I name is Jaden and my grandma lives in Florida and I’m a YouTube or two

                                        • GTA NERD
                                          GTA NERD  8 hours back

                                          Still no upload on dis channel? Is it dead?

                                          • Sulli Yukimura
                                            Sulli Yukimura  9 hours back

                                            You haven't uploaded, WHAT HAPPENED CHILLY

                                            • nike fan308
                                              nike fan308  9 hours back

                                              So......are you guys gonna upload a vlog or wait

                                              • Lilian Rodriguez
                                                Lilian Rodriguez  10 hours back

                                                I LOVE uR VIDs nice Lambo

                                                • Justin Knight
                                                  Justin Knight  10 hours back

                                                  Hey Chilly, you're no longer welcome to do vlogs on YouTube anymore. The reason why is YouTube hates you, I'm not kidding! Now's your chance not to vlog for the rest of 2019, seriously! Give it a break until 2020, I really mean it! And good riddance! >:(

                                                  • Cm punk
                                                    Cm punk  11 hours back

                                                    So tito gets to keep one

                                                    • Fire Foxx
                                                      Fire Foxx  11 hours back

                                                      Tito gonna give the lambo a baby

                                                      • Fire Foxx
                                                        Fire Foxx  11 hours back

                                                        So guys here’s there intro hey guys we have 2 Lamborghinis you know what we need a third one

                                                        Me what the [email protected]#

                                                        Second what only 2 screens

                                                        Their head we need 8 screens

                                                        Me I know what your thinking

                                                        • Camron Erl
                                                          Camron Erl  11 hours back

                                                          Tell Logan to make a video called mistake Ken

                                                          • Youtube Sonzz CallMeSonzzJr

                                                            Tito your just sick

                                                            • Amy Dupre
                                                              Amy Dupre  12 hours back

                                                              I need a new bif man were yall at

                                                            • BrownBiscuitBoii
                                                              BrownBiscuitBoii  12 hours back

                                                              A few months later she’s gonna buy a pink cybertruck.......

                                                              • BrownBiscuitBoii
                                                                BrownBiscuitBoii  12 hours back

                                                                6:40 i think i heard the N-word

                                                                • Sophono
                                                                  Sophono  10 hours back

                                                                  BrownBiscuitBoii he said man they got

                                                              • Andres Gutierrez
                                                                Andres Gutierrez  13 hours back

                                                                Chilly is not posting😟

                                                                • Zylonx RBLX
                                                                  Zylonx RBLX  13 hours back

                                                                  Come back Chilly pls

                                                                  • SAVE THE TREES
                                                                    SAVE THE TREES  13 hours back

                                                                    I am getting a lot of kids YouTube adds hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔

                                                                    • Chrome_ Hyperboi
                                                                      Chrome_ Hyperboi  13 hours back

                                                                      It’s very cloudy right now

                                                                      • Chrome_ Hyperboi
                                                                        Chrome_ Hyperboi  13 hours back

                                                                        Are you ok there was a shooting in Pensacola

                                                                        • CoolBoii
                                                                          CoolBoii  13 hours back

                                                                          Next new flex Tesla Cyber truck

                                                                          • Princessmimi And Queen_india Gang

                                                                            Your the best

                                                                            • SuperMarioJohn
                                                                              SuperMarioJohn  14 hours back

                                                                              man! so far, this won't be the greatest thing to say this but, i'm broke. hey logan, subscribe to me. i need atleast 2,000 subscriber then i won't be sooooo broke.

                                                                              • savage_deadpool
                                                                                savage_deadpool  14 hours back

                                                                                Wait....i thought titto had like a sonic Lamborghini or something

                                                                                • Gregory Amicar 57
                                                                                  Gregory Amicar 57  14 hours back

                                                                                  0:00 Chilly's hairpiece is pink. I didn't even notice