MOTD2 Man United vs Chelsea 4-0 Post Match Analysis Match of the Day 2

  • Published: 12 August 2019
  • MOTD2 Man United vs Chelsea 4-0 Post Match Analysis Match of the Day 2
    Manchester United vs Chelsea
    Match of the Day
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  • freedom jele
    freedom jele  1 months back

    Our Mid was poor we should play Fred Pogba Mctom in the mid

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones  1 months back

      Second half untd smashed Chelsea lets be honest

      • Dc Outasite
        Dc Outasite  1 months back

        Why is it burry..cnt see

        • biffo1960
          biffo1960  1 months back

          Shit I’ve gone blind what’s the point

          • John Wick
            John Wick  1 months back

            dont get excited just only first game man.

            • normaln'd
              normaln'd  1 months back

              anyone else feel something listening to gary talking about the counter attack?

              • Our World Below?
                Our World Below?  1 months back

                It's just like watching it... Without any of the good bits.

                • nem351s Comedian
                  nem351s Comedian  1 months back


                  • Waleed Alzuabi
                    Waleed Alzuabi  1 months back

                    Is there a way I can watch this on something other than bbc Iplayer

                    • kwstas kwsta
                      kwstas kwsta  1 months back

                      United was lucky...The 4-0 doesnt depict the game.

                    • Igehay Nation
                      Igehay Nation  1 months back

                      Why do united fans keep speaking about Net Spend , I can guarantee United will invest the money 💵 in the midfielder

                      • Waleed Alzuabi
                        Waleed Alzuabi  1 months back

                        youre wrong. They won't. The Glazers who own them, pocket the money and don't invest anything into the club.

                    • Shikhar Raghuvanshi
                      Shikhar Raghuvanshi  1 months back

                      Wolves will be real test.. and also we will see how the team do after 10-15 games. where we are in the league.

                    • wickednick
                      wickednick  1 months back

                      Big spending Manchester United? We have a net spend of like £60m this year, fucking christ the agenda is real

                      • Mohammed Faisal
                        Mohammed Faisal  1 months back

                        A few people getting carried away from this win for both teams and managers. Imagine Chelsea finish above united? Their advantage is that they are not playing Thursday night like arsenal and united will do advantage Chelsea, extra one or two days rest

                        • ツlethal
                          ツlethal  1 months back

                          Mohammed Faisal you’re defo a chelsea fan, and yes because they’ve had abramovich to bail them out but they cant spend any money and w out hazard they’re fucked. United have made some stellar signings with Solskjaer using his knowledge of the club to get the best out of the players. Granted lampard is doing the same, it will just take longer for chelsea

                        • Mohammed Faisal
                          Mohammed Faisal  1 months back

                          @ツlethal still don't see united winning the title anytime soon and top 4 is all they're fighting for and they'll be fight for the top 4 for the next few years. Chelsea always move forward if something goes wrong so they're fine

                        • ツlethal
                          ツlethal  1 months back

                          Mohammed Faisal very true, although i don’t think fitness will be a problem for either team, unlike last season

                        • Mohammed Faisal
                          Mohammed Faisal  1 months back

                          @ツlethal I know, they get an extra days or two rest

                        • ツlethal
                          ツlethal  1 months back

                          Mohammed Faisal they play ucl lol

                      • Cell Step
                        Cell Step  1 months back

                        Chelsea really should have put that game to bed in the first half

                        • elvis muganyizi
                          elvis muganyizi  1 months back

                          wish we could have another good CDM and free pogba more his much better on top of the pitch rather than deeper, all in all it was a good game for United #GGMU

                          • Khalid Hassan
                            Khalid Hassan  1 months back

                            Somone to expalin for me why the video is like blur when comes to see the flash back of the game

                          • Michell Rodriguez
                            Michell Rodriguez  1 months back

                            Big spending.?.. Most players are from the academy and net spend was amongst the least in the league this summer..

                            • Huangspal
                              Huangspal  1 months back

                              How can you explain analysis on TV and not show the clips. That's just ridiculous. I understand fully why but it's just ridiculous and spoils the value of the points being made. Stupid.

                            • jaybillyjosh
                              jaybillyjosh  1 months back

                              why is play back of game blurred ???/?/??????

                              • HMM
                                HMM  1 months back


                            • jeffrey price
                              jeffrey price  1 months back

                              Boo it's blued.

                              • Uncle Doobius
                                Uncle Doobius  1 months back

                                "Big spending manchester United" WTF is wrong with you, MOTD? Our net spend was 66 mln and might turn out less as we sell Darmian or Rojo. If anything, United has missed out on big money moves. We needed midfielders. Knobheads.

                                • HAOKIP
                                  HAOKIP  1 months back

                                  Young, Smalling & Jones are man of the match ☺️
                                  we won because of them sitting on the bench

                                • Stjepan Blagaj
                                  Stjepan Blagaj  1 months back

                                  bad picture u r talking about runs can not see fxxxk all

                                  • Carson Ezati
                                    Carson Ezati  1 months back

                                    This video sucks

                                    • Peter Helmore
                                      Peter Helmore  1 months back

                                      but they have FrANKIE ,,,,, OOOOPS his managing . NOT playing . ??????????/// .

                                      • Khan Bhai
                                        Khan Bhai  1 months back

                                        How many ads do you need for a 10 mins video !!

                                        • Calvince
                                          Calvince  1 months back

                                          youtube AdBlock does the trick.

                                        • What
                                          What  1 months back


                                      • g h
                                        g h  1 months back

                                        It was a four nil game that's why it was 4 nil

                                        • Jamston Julian
                                          Jamston Julian  1 months back

                                          No-one will care who had more possession or chances, the win and the scoreline is what people remember and what actually counts.

                                        • Kyle
                                          Kyle  1 months back

                                          Yeah people struggle to grasp that.

                                      • Walk in the truth Always
                                        Walk in the truth Always  1 months back

                                        Now let’s speak it how it is lampard was naive at best comes to one of the quickest deadliest counter attacking team in the EPL so frank you got what you deserved 👊🏻

                                        • Andre Anderson
                                          Andre Anderson  1 months back

                                          @Adi Wibawa fair enough and that was about 7 years ago, so I dont see why you are making it seems as if they were like this over the past 7 years. No they are not!! Its just the first game bro!!

                                        • Adi Wibawa
                                          Adi Wibawa  1 months back

                                          @Andre Anderson since Sir Alex Ferguson era?

                                        • Andre Anderson
                                          Andre Anderson  1 months back

                                          Oh please!! Since when United become one of the quickest deadliest counter attacking team? Kmt!!!

                                        • louis siff
                                          louis siff  1 months back

                                          one win an all of sudden you deadliest, huuuu this is gonna be a long season.

                                      • NoneOfYour Beeswax
                                        NoneOfYour Beeswax  1 months back

                                        @ 7:25 - 4-1 Jermaine? What have they been putting in the BBC coffee?

                                      • mali ano
                                        mali ano  1 months back

                                        Fuck video

                                        • mlal89
                                          mlal89  1 months back

                                          Big spending United? LOL...what is this guy talking about.

                                          • Jamston Julian
                                            Jamston Julian  1 months back

                                            We haven't spent a lot overall, just spent a lot for only a few players. But they were needed, so who cares.

                                          • Vishnu Raj
                                            Vishnu Raj  1 months back

                                            @Sam Pilipinecone net spend 70 million this summer .145 million in last 2 years

                                          • Sam Pilipinecone
                                            Sam Pilipinecone  1 months back

                                            sahib singh what about the net spend

                                          • sahib singh
                                            sahib singh  1 months back

                                            mlal89 50 million for rb and 85 mil for cb is lot off money . Plus Man Utd salary structure is massive as compared to other clubs

                                        • Dylan Byrne
                                          Dylan Byrne  1 months back

                                          The ice man and slabhead 👍

                                        • locy1
                                          locy1  1 months back

                                          no young + no smalling + no jones = big win

                                          • Kama Kazi
                                            Kama Kazi  1 months back

                                            Seriously nobody really rate this pple. I was reviewing 2011 clip when we beat man city on community shield..... And i realised jones n smallings were in that team...and guess what? Jones n smallings have never improved.. Then have worsened since that day.

                                          • Ismaeel Vawda
                                            Ismaeel Vawda  1 months back

                                            And matic

                                        • Peter
                                          Peter  1 months back

                                          Big spending United? Most of the money we spent has been recouped from the sale of Lukaku

                                          • jarrad Moore
                                            jarrad Moore  1 months back

                                            Lolol....that’s correct but we still spent it tho pal

                                          • NoneOfYour Beeswax
                                            NoneOfYour Beeswax  1 months back

                                            @El-espada katana People seem to forget we offloaded a big earner in Fellaini, Herrera has gone and Valencia has left on a free.

                                          • El-espada katana
                                            El-espada katana  1 months back

                                            Half of it...if we offload the likes of rojo, jones, darmian then we might recoupe all of it. Maguire signing is very very massive.

                                        • Jack Lynti
                                          Jack Lynti  1 months back

                                          James must be crying.. Silly tears.. Well done lad...

                                          • Wendy Grant
                                            Wendy Grant  1 months back

                                            He's crying because his dad died about 2 weeks before he signed for United and his father wasn't there to see it.

                                          • Haito Ndang
                                            Haito Ndang  1 months back

                                            Score a Debut Goal at Old trafford for Manchester United at Stretford end.. silly tears?? I'd bawl my fcking eyes out.... plus his late father...

                                          • Sean Fitzgerald
                                            Sean Fitzgerald  1 months back

                                            Jack Lynti that really means the world to him not only because it's man United but because his dad passed away a few months ago. His character is incredible for a guy his age .

                                        • Khaled Ataoui
                                          Khaled Ataoui  1 months back

                                          Against wolves will be a serious test, hope we manage a good start